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I just can't help boasting about our wooden door! Just like the hands that can't help buying on the double 11, even if you chop them, you have to type out words to comfort them

I know that we should treat products with rain and dew

we should give full fairness to the customization of wardrobe, cabinet and the whole house

but! I just can't help boasting about our wooden door

it's like the hands that can't help buying on the double eleven day,

even if you chop it, you have to type out words to Amway them

a good wooden door can make you have a good mood because of her beauty from the moment you walk out of the door every day. A beautiful wooden door, she can be simple and elegant, without unnecessary decorations and carvings, looks simple and generous, but she is also exquisite. The fine lines on the panel officially tell you that simplicity is not careless, and the craftsman's heart appears in subtle places

of course, a good wooden door can have a variety of "Postures". In addition to the conventional square wooden door, the arched wooden door can also bring a little retro flavor to the home. For a wooden door, her existence is not only a channel, but also a part of family temperament

a good wooden door, she also has the "mind" to accommodate, because she knows that to cooperate with the designer's concept, in addition to wood, she also needs other materials to show the owner the beauty of home. It's like that people have the quality of accepting everything. Only when they dare to accept different things and different ideas, can they have room for progress and live a meaningful life

like doing things, the production of wooden doors cannot be limited to the form of single door panels. In fact, wooden doors give us more "local conditions", built on demand. The style of sliding door is more Japanese, and the hot spring in Japan is very famous. If you install a sliding door in the bathroom, you will instantly feel like taking a bath in a large pool. It can be said that in addition to the use of functions, it also plays a role in creating an atmosphere

people love beauty. It's rare to have wooden doors, isn't it? The decoration on the lintel makes people instantly feel that she is also like a beautiful girl wearing a fashionable hat. And the design of this "hat" is also very particular. For example, your home is also designed with a Western-style fireplace, so the "hat" of the door and fireplace need to set off each other, reflecting the unity and tidiness of the whole home design from the subtle point

in terms of the color of wooden doors, we also have many choices. Whether you want the small freshness of the countryside, the blue feelings of the Mediterranean, or the fashionable and modern colors, we can meet your needs

to say the charm of Moganshan wooden door,

it's not enough to listen to Ju Mei.

if you happen to need a wooden door, it's better to go to the store of Moganshan home,

touch her texture and texture with your own hands,

gently tap to feel her thickness,

maybe you can exchange eyes and confirm that she is the wooden door you want

(source: Moganshan official account)





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