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Ivan wooden door wooden floor & nbsp; Recruit national agents

joining conditions

1 have good business stores in the local market, medium and high-end building materials market or stores

2. Have good business management ability, agree with the business philosophy of Ivan wood door and floor

3. Have good economic strength

4. Operate in good faith, have good reputation in the local area

● sufficient working capital

● have modern management concepts, Excellent service awareness

● good communication quality

franchise process

store location evaluation

the company will send professionals to conduct on-site investigation and location evaluation, in order to minimize the investment risk of dealers

decoration design

the company can provide decoration design free of charge according to the situation of different stores around the country. When opening, it can send staff to guide, so as to maintain the unified image of all franchised stores

product matching

the company can be responsible for the first batch of distribution for all dealers, provide a multi series product portfolio, and regularly launch new models to maintain a leading position in fashion and highlight the brand advantages of Ivan wood doors and wood floors

marketing planning

the company plans the opening publicity and launches several national large-scale marketing activities every year to stimulate sales

advertising and promotion

the company will provide corresponding advertising and promotion support according to sales volume. Cooperate with the new products to regularly launch albums, promotional folding, pop posters and promotional gifts

business training

the company will provide meticulous and effective early-stage training, such as store management skills, shopping guide skills, product professional knowledge, store layout skills, market demand prediction, financial management knowledge, etc., which can make you handy in future operations and become an elite in retail and market promotion

visit and business diagnosis

the company's business personnel will make regular visits to dealers and business analysis, and urge the in-depth development of the market through the inspection and assessment system

China's famous brand Ivan ecological whole home sincerely invites you to join

Ivan company has formed more than 200 "Ivan" franchised stores with unified decoration style, unified brand image and unified business model all over the country by virtue of the integration of marketing management mode and channel scale advantages by high-quality professional marketing management team. Quality casts the brand and service creates the market, "Ivan" suit door is not only deeply loved by domestic consumers, but also exported to Japan, Australia, Central Asia and other countries and regions

the service concept of "fast, convenient, warm, sincere and all-out" enables every customer who chooses Ivan to personally feel the comfort, warmth and happiness brought by Ivan brand. Joining Ivan brand immediately will be your luckiest and regretless choice in your life

franchise support

1. Famous Chinese brands, guaranteed investment

2. Daily operation synchronous support, providing all kinds of table publicity materials and promotional products required for daily standardized operation

3. The first-class marketing team provides the whole process management guidance, implements the standardized management mode, visits and exchanges regularly, provides guidance, and helps franchisees analyze and solve various sticking points restricting development

4. Perfect training management system, decisive terminal, assistance and provision of daily large-scale marketing activities, organization of activities and support of personnel, compilation and sharing of successful marketing cases of dealer members in the system

note: when you become our dealer, it is not once and for all, but with the change of market environment and the adjustment within the enterprise, you can constantly maintain and strengthen it to maintain efficient operation and profitability. Therefore, joining is not the end, but the beginning. The focus of our sales work is to maintain your store as your own store and constantly seek improvement in order to achieve a win-win goal





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