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Precautions for cleaning and maintenance of printing plate punching machine

plate washing is the most neglected blind area. Customers can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to buy equipment, but ignore important washing links. There are many experiences and lessons in this regard. Many problems originate from incorrect washing links, such as dropping, non inking, bottom ash, inconsistent density on both sides of the print, scratches, uneven gradient, dirty spots, etc., which are closely related to the washing link. Some customers have not cleaned the plate punching machine for even half a year, resulting in crystallization, roller cracking and deformation, printing plate scratching, poor circulation, and wide temperature difference between the left and right. How can we talk about the print quality in such a state

parameters and setting problems of the plate punching machine, such as temperature, circulation, excessive washing, proportion of liquid medicine, supplement amount, circulating filter element, water washing, gluing, regular cleaning of the rubber roller to prevent crystal scaling, scratching, key points for the first start-up after holidays, etc. the basic parameters of the washing link should not be fatigue. The experimental machine is randomly set through the main machine, high-temperature furnace, high-temperature fixture, high-temperature deformation and measurement and control device, There are many things to pay attention to:

(1) temperature, speed, concentration and brush speed are a combined relationship. Different plates have corresponding impact resistance (alkali resistance). The concentration ratio of the washing solution should be prepared according to the manufacturer's requirements. The washing solution cannot be mixed, and there is no so-called universal washing solution

(2) in order to save money, it is not a way to save production costs by arbitrarily reducing the proportion of washing liquid, reducing dynamic and static supplement amount through cooperative operation of different parts, not applying protective glue, and simply using a cylinder of water for a few days without circulating water washing. On the contrary, these are counterproductive production hidden dangers. Carry forward the environmental protection consciousness of saving water. It should not be at this moment that the environmental protection cost of wasting a few aluminum plates is much higher than this

(3) the flushing link is not a system adjustment link. It is not allowed to increase the temperature and time when there is bottom ash. The bottom ash may be gone, but excessive flushing can bring new problems such as dropping, no inking, and loss of hierarchy

(4) the washing liquid and water wash are equipped with filtration links. The filter element should be changed when changing the liquid medicine. The filter element should be changed when the publication volume is large. In order to save money, some people wash the filter element with water and then use it, or do not use the filter element at all. A filter element is only more than 10 yuan. The version is dirty and cannot be wiped off after shutdown. How much is it for another one? To save 10 yuan, Why waste 2 plates and add ink "> printing machine?

(5) Clean all rubber rollers regularly and thoroughly to prevent crystallization and scaling. Regularly check the wear of brush pressure adjustment. If the layout is scratched, find the position of the corresponding rubber roller and thoroughly clean the crystallization point. Before cleaning the plate making machine, cover the LCD operation panel with water-proof cover. If there is water, it will be difficult to get along with the silver in your pocket. The two imported rubber sticks shall be kept clean every day. When cleaning the rubber stick, please pay attention to the direction of the rubber sleeve. The left, right, upper and lower positions must be replaced as they are. If there is crystal, please do not hang and wipe with steel ball or other items. You can soak it with special cleaning solution or oxalic acid, and then clean it with sponge

(6) if the protective glue nozzle is blocked by condensation, it shall be thoroughly cleaned by soaking in hot water. The protective glue can not be mixed with the rinsing liquid. If you change to a different brand, be sure to clean the tank. It's best to clean and replace the protective glue every week, and it will be troublesome when they become jelly

(7) after the equipment is in standby for a period of time, restart the equipment. The first piece can be pre moved with a waste plate, and the second piece can be washed. This can avoid many unexpected troubles

(8) regularly observe the downstream demand to improve the liquid level of the inspection liquid. If there is a refrigeration unit to observe the liquid level of the cooling liquid, the temperature requirements for the washing of thermal plates are relatively high, especially in summer when the ambient temperature is higher than the liquid temperature. The relative constant temperature of the liquid medicine can not be underestimated for the quality of plate making, so you should often use a thermometer to measure the actual temperature and temperature difference of the left and right liquid medicine, so as to maintain the normal state of heating and circulation

(9) before holidays, be sure to discharge the liquid medicine in the machine, add clean water after cleaning, open the upper cover, and confirm that the water source and power supply are turned off

(10) when changing the liquid medicine and glue, confirm that the blowdown switch has been turned off, and then confirm! Then pour the liquid medicine into the tank. It's not uncommon to waste a few buckets of potions into the sewer in vain. It's a waste of money

(11) the drying stick must be kept clean, which threatens the environmental protection. Otherwise, the printing stains on the page will be found on the printing sheet

(12) the function of the brush is very important. It also needs to be cleaned regularly. The liquid medicine should be higher than the brush, otherwise there will be a lot of annoying bubbles

(13) do not pull hard after the plate is stuck. Be sure to protect the cots from being scratched. After power failure, manually reverse the cots to exit the plate, or take out the plate by sections after being treated with scissors. The plate is often jammed. If it is biased, it may be due to rubber roller installation or unilateral wear; If the large version is not stuck with the small version, the relative position of the guide frame and the rubber roller may be improperly adjusted; If it is a stuck angle, it may be the resistance at the fixed point of the channel

(14) the parameters of each plate and liquid medicine shall be recorded. The plate sensitivity, CTP exposure power, and the parameter environment of the plate processor can only be tested in combination to obtain perfect print quality. Therefore, each plate (which requires different batches of the same brand) needs to be corrected before use. The setting parameters of the plate punching machine to be recorded are: speed: **s, brush speed: **rpm, dynamic supplement: **ml, static supplement: **ml, temperature: **℃, drying temperature: **℃, standby action time: **s, standby speed: **m/min, glue spraying time: **s, etc

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