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Precoating process of pre coated metal plate the precoating part is the core of the whole production. Generally, the two coating and two drying process is adopted, i.e. primer coating → baking → finish coating → baking. The reverse roller coating method is often used for painting. Its advantage is that different thickness of coatings can be obtained by adjusting the ratio of the metal sheet speed to the coating roller speed and adjusting the gap between the feeding roller and the coating roller. According to the different requirements of the product, it can also be painted one by one or painted one side only

coating machine is a key equipment, which is usually composed of coating roller, feeding roller, backup roller and storage tray The U.S. government also announced the establishment of an advanced composite manufacturing Innovation Institute, which is divided into:

coating machine

two roll coating in the same direction and reverse coating

three roll linear coating in the same direction and reverse coating "V" coating in the same direction and reverse coating

the coating machine can contact or leave the coil through the control of the air cylinder, and leave when there is a weld, so as to avoid damage to the coating roll. The coating machine of jc/t907 ⑵ 002 concrete interface treatment agent is placed on the special vehicle, and they are placed in the coating room and separated from the outside. The coating roll is lined with soft rubber, and the surface of the feeding roll and the backup roll continues to be loaded with chromium plating. General standard, finish coat thickness is 25 μ M, the primer thickness is 3 ~ 5 μ m. The ratio of primer to finish coat is about 5:20. The thickness of the coating is controlled by adjusting the roller, which is also related to the coating viscosity and coating speed. The thickness error of the coating can be controlled within ± 5% by proper blending

information source: painting and surface treatment

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