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Advance notice of the 6th China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings, such as pull-out coatings for connecting parts

advance notice of the 6th China International Symposium on the development of waterborne wood coatings

March 14, 2012

specially invited media:

China coatings, China coatings, CCTV, Sohu, Sina, China Chemical industry news China Chemical Information Weekly, etc.

to confirm whether a material should not deform and meet the required impact strength requirements.

network support:

China coatings incoatingnet C many overseas innovation teams introduced to Shenzhen are om

paint Expo after the company is registered and established in China. Meeting place:

Shenzhen Qilin Mountain View Hotel (five stars), No. 118, Shatou village, Shajing Town, Bao'an District, Shenzhen

charging standard:

member units: 1200 yuan/person (including conference proceedings, conference materials, conference supplies, representative meals, enterprise investigation fees, etc.), non member units: 1500 yuan/person

the accommodation expenses shall be borne by themselves (the meeting can be arranged uniformly): 450 yuan/private room · day for senior rooms, 225 yuan/person · day

conference affairs contact: dingyanmei zhulingling


Fax: e-mail: @

conference theme: advocating environmental protection, policy guidance, promotion and application

conference time: May, 2012

guest speakers (part)

1. Environmental and economic policies related to water-based Wood Coatings

2 Promotion status of water-based wood products in Shenzhen related ministries and commissions

3, 2012 China furniture industry annual report China Furniture Association

4, 2012 China water-based Wood Coatings national policy introduction China Coating Industry Association

5, comprehensive solution of water-based wood resins Yantai Wanhua Polyurethane Co., Ltd.

6, current domestic water-based coating construction equipment introduction


specially invited by China Furniture Association: Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City Nearly 100 furniture manufacturers in Shenzhen participated in the meeting. The main arrangements of the meeting are:

1. Speeches by leaders and guests

2. Theme reports and technical lectures of the conference

3. Hold relevant meetings of "2012 China Waterborne Wood Coatings Industry Alliance (Preparatory)"

4. Meetings of coating enterprises, furniture enterprises, raw material suppliers, water-based wood products marketing personnel, etc

5. On site display of new products of waterborne wood coatings

6. Organize meeting representatives to visit

7. Organize meetings to support enterprises to participate in corresponding furniture exhibitions

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