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Precautions and characteristics of low-temperature shaking table

shaking table is a gravity beneficiation equipment used to separate fine-grained materials. It is widely used to separate tin, tungsten, gold and silver, lead, zinc, tantalum, niobium, iron, manganese, ferrotitanium and coal. In gravity beneficiation, the shaking table has the advantages of high rich ore ratio, high separation efficiency, easy care, easy adjustment, and the final concentrate and tailings can be obtained at one time. It is mainly composed of eight parts: the head of the bed, the motor, the slope adjuster, the bed surface, the ore tank, the water tank, the incoming and outgoing strips and the lubrication system. This article mainly introduces the precautions and characteristics of the low-temperature shaking table:

1. Precautions for the low-temperature shaking table

1. When moving the low-temperature shaking table, the tilt angle should be less than 45 degrees. If the tilt angle is greater than 45 degrees for special reasons, it should be placed for 24 hours before use

2. This series of instruments need to emit heat during use, so do not stack other instruments and equipment around the instrument to avoid affecting the refrigeration effect

3. Use three hole socket with safety grounding

4. Do not move the instrument easily during use

in the high-end market; Our fixture

2. Low temperature focuses on the development of the third generation wide band gap semiconductor crystals, high-power semiconductor laser epitaxial materials for intelligent manufacturing, nano lithium niobate single crystal film materials and other optoelectronic material shakers. Features

1. The machine adopts a fully enclosed air-cooled compressor unit, which has the advantages of fast cooling speed and low noise

2. Microcomputer controller, double screen LED display is clear and intuitive

in addition, the AD converter

3 and the low-temperature air bath shaker have a unique forced air convection device to ensure the temperature uniformity in the box

4. The temperature uniformity in the water tank of the low-temperature water bath shaker can reach 0.1 ℃ when it vibrates. If it is necessary to obtain high water temperature uniformity when it does not vibrate, the low-temperature circulating pump can be added (it needs to be explained when ordering)

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