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Care and maintenance precautions for laser printers in daily use

laser printers are widely used because of their good output quality, fast speed, low noise and wide application. Pay attention to the following maintenance items during daily use:

1 The room temperature shall be controlled at about 22 ℃, and the relative temperature shall be 20%~80%; And avoid direct sunlight and chemical erosion

2. According to the command issued by the computer, the laser printer absorbs the charged toner on the photosensitive drum through photoelectric action, then prints it on the printing paper from the photosensitive drum, heats the toner, makes the toner dissolve in the paper fiber, and completes the printing work. The assistance paid by the enterprises and merchants is used as the "packaging waste fund". Therefore, the photosensitive drum plays an important role in the whole process of laser printing, so the maintenance of the photosensitive drum is more important. The photosensitive drum shall keep the relative humidity at 20%~80% and the temperature at 10~32.5 ℃ during operation, avoid direct sunlight, and try to achieve constant temperature and humidity

3. The optical cassette in the laser printer is the key component of the printer. If the optical components are dirty, the digital information transmitted from the computer cannot be accurately transformed from photoelectric to electrostatic latent image; the digital information of words and images cannot be correctly transferred on the carrier. Therefore, the uncleanness of optical components is the main factor affecting the carrier quality. The optical components and positions in the cassette are debugged and positioned with very precise and special equipment, and cannot be adjusted without special equipment. The cleaning and maintenance of laser beam inspection mirror, optical fiber head, focusing lens, hexagonal prism, etc. shall be very careful. Only bamboo tweezers, cork pieces and sticks can be used to clean the above parts and positions, so as to avoid metal damage or scratch of optical components during the cleaning process. In cleaning optical components, it is best to "dry clean" the hexaprism, and other components can be "dry cleaned" or "water washed". "Water" can use absolute ethanol. When cleaning, use wooden or bamboo tools, and use chamois or medicinal absorbent cotton to achieve the cleaning effect. However, it is best to "dry clean" because "water washed absorbent cotton" is easy to lose fiber and affect the optical effect

4. The working process of the laser printer is to dissolve the toner into the paper based on the photoelectric principle. Therefore, the paper used for the laser printer must be dry and free of static electricity, otherwise the paper is easy to jam or the printed documents are blackened. The printing paper shall be stored in an environment with a temperature of 17~23 ℃ and a relative humidity of 40%~50%, so as to obtain the best printing effect

5. In case of paper jam during printing, open the printer cover, take out the paper stuck in the printer, and then close the printing reputation cover to eliminate the fault. In case of frequent failures, clean the corona wire and paper feeding track of the printer with a dry cloth

6. The laser foam particle printer will generate ozone in the printing process. The ozone filter must be replaced every 50000 copies printed. Although the ozone filter looks very clean at this time, it can no longer filter ozone. When the laser printer is placed in a crowded environment, the ventilation of the room is poor, the exhaust port of the printer is facing the face of the operator, and the ozone filter is used too long, the ozone generated by the printer during the printing process will be harmful to the human body. At this time, it is necessary to improve the working environment of the printer and replace the ozone filter in time

7. At ordinary times, the paper scraps and dust in the laser printer should be wiped off with a dry cloth, and the corona wire should be cleaned. Only in this way can the normal use of the laser printer be guaranteed and its service life be extended

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