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On January 28, the boss of a 10 million ton large mine in Inner Mongolia said in an interview with Nanfang Weekend that their enterprises are now investing more and more in resource compensation, technological transformation, several levels of government fees and land reclamation

in the long run, it is an inevitable trend to eliminate small coal mines, improve coal mine safety, and then integrate production capacity

however, among the national coal output, the output of small coal mines was about 890 million tons in 2005, accounting for 40% of the national coal output, and more than 900 million tons in 2006. The proportion of exports to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. CFP of China's coal growth statistics in 2007/figure

CFP of China's coal power industry growth statistics in 2007/figure

a person from an electric power enterprise warned that small coal mines still have a certain impact on the overall coal supply and demand situation in the short term, and regional characteristics should be taken into account when rectifying

lagging energy system reform

"today's power shortage is a concurrent symptom caused by the stagnation of energy system reform." On January 25, hanxiaoping, CEO of China energy, said, "now the whole domestic coal power supply and demand sides are fluctuating, and it is difficult for coal prices and freight rates to stabilize in the long term."

like the price control of other commodities, since the complete liberalization of coal prices in 2006, power plants and coal enterprises can freely negotiate prices. However, the state has made this agreement under the principle of "no further increase in electricity prices and negotiation between both parties on coal prices". Since the cost of coal price increase can not be transferred to the electricity price, coal power has been in a competition

at this time, both coal and electricity companies will fall into the conclusion of conspiracy theory. Coal enterprises believe that the power enterprises do not need to tear open the package to raise the electricity price when threatening the national development and Reform Commission, while the power enterprises believe that the coal enterprises exaggerate their situation

this contradiction has led to the failure of both parties to sign a long-term agreement

since 2005, many coal mines that have signed long-term agreements with power plants have suffered losses. Different color mining and material development plans are provided. However, up to now, the owner of the 20million ton mine in Inner Mongolia has no regrets

in his opinion, this is a price that has not experienced market fluctuations. Although, when he set the 2007 price in 2006, the market price was nearly 100 yuan higher than the contract price they signed

"having a relatively stable supply channel benefits both the supplier and the demander." Said the coal mine owner

in fact, only by truly promoting the power reform, even the oil price reform, can the supply and demand be stabilized in the form of long-term agreement, and the coal and electricity can be effectively linked, can the transportation price be stabilized, and the power plant can obtain long-term preferential freight rates with the smaller polymerization degree of PVC

however, the reality is that even if coal and electricity have signed a long-term agreement, they are still a fragile relationship between supply and demand, and they will be caught off guard in case of trouble

"the supply and demand of coal and electricity in China is like a patient. He is ill. Once he meets the cold, his condition will be more serious." An expert of Datang electric power explained the current coal and electricity shortage

yuweimin, chairman of Hangzhou thermal power group, is one of these fragile relationships. At the end of this year when coal prices are soaring and supplies are tight, the agreement with his former alliance partners has not been fully implemented

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