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Pre evaluation of fire and explosion prevention measures for the oil depot - other measures (9)

according to the division map of explosion risk areas in the preliminary design, the explosion risk areas are divided for the train loading and unloading trestle, truck loading platform, barrel depot, barrel loading room, gasoline and diesel tank area of the oil depot, that is, the above explosion risk areas are divided into 2 areas. These measures comply with the requirements of relevant current standards such as the library regulations. According to the requirements of relevant current standards, the following supplementary measures for safety production are put forward:

according to the provisions of article 2.3.5 of code for design of electrical installations in explosive and fire hazardous environments (GB Huaibei building aluminum based new material industrial base), the division of explosion hazardous areas of oil storage tanks shall comply with the following provisions:

1 the space from the upper part of diesel oil level to the top of diesel tanks is divided into zone 0; The 1.5m radius from the upper part of the inner floating plate of the gasoline tank to the tank top space and the pit, ditch and vent under the ground in the explosion hazardous area shall be divided into 7.5m Yield strength: Zone 1 during stretching

2 the area within 3M from the outer wall and top of the storage tank and from the fire dike to the outer wall shall be divided into zone 2

the oil depot shall determine the scope of explosive gas environment hazardous areas of storage tanks according to the requirements of the above standards and draw the division diagram of explosive hazardous areas, which shall comply with figure 2.3 in GB In addition, figure 2.3 Requirements

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