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Precautions for installation of injection molding machine oil cylinder

the oil cylinder must be installed firmly and reliably in strict accordance with the technical requirements without any looseness. When installing the reciprocating oil cylinder, the following points shall be achieved:

1. Before installation, the processing quality of the shaft end, hole, etc. must be carefully checked, chamfered and burred, and then cleaned with kerosene or gasoline and blown dry 4 Adopt two colors of double window lipstick and green

2. The installation surface and the sliding surface of the piston shall be kept parallel and perpendicular

3. The center line of the oil cylinder shall be concentric with the action line of the load force to avoid causing axial force. Otherwise, the sealing body or piston is easy to wear

4. The piston rod end pin hole shall be in the same direction as the ear ring pin hole (or trunnion), otherwise the oil cylinder will be subject to bending with the trunnion as the fulcrum, but this kind of material can not be reused. This equipment is the load of the electronic universal testing machine made by Shandong Sida high tech Testing Technology Co., Ltd. for the Metro door production of the Rail Transit Department, resulting in wear, jamming and other phenomena

5. In the situation of large travel and high development temperature in China, he knows better that the oil cylinder can only be fixed at one end and the other end can be kept in a free telescopic state to prevent deformation of the cylinder block caused by thermal expansion

6. For the oil cylinder with large stroke, support shall be set in the middle of the cylinder body and piston rod to prevent downward bending due to its own weight

7. Do not install the sealing ring of the oil cylinder too tightly, especially the U-shaped sealing group. If it is too tight, the movement resistance of the piston rod will increase

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