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NPC deputy liuqingfeng: artificial intelligence, let the world listen to the voice of China

NPC deputy liuqingfeng gives an interview to the people

"AI is changing the world" and "let the world listen to our voice"... At last year's "representative channel", Liu Qingfeng, deputy to the 13th National People's Congress and chairman of iFLYTEK, used Chinese and English to "bomb" a large and small translation machine. The translation machine shows its skill and completes the translation between Chinese and English in an instant, showing the infinite prospect of the application of artificial intelligence

in Liu Qingfeng's view, ai not only facilitates the barrier free communication of people all over the world, but also has become more and more "temperature" in recent years, from medical treatment, education to justice

representative channel to improve the efficiency of duty performance

"the 'representative channel', which was first established by the two sessions last year, is a very meaningful attempt and has achieved a very good communication effect." Liu Qingfeng talked about his feelings when he embarked on the "representative channel" in 2018. Through this channel, deputies to the National People's Congress in various fields made their ideas and proposals known to more groups, which not only shortened the distance between deputies to the National People's Congress and the people, but also enhanced the mutual understanding between deputies. In fact, for representatives who have the opportunity to speak in the "representative channel", this is also a process of further summarizing and improving their ability to perform their duties

"embarking on the 'representative channel' is not only glorious and proud, but also and mission." Liu Qingfeng said that facing questions, it is a challenge and exciting to better reflect what he wants to say and the suggestions of the group he represents in a short time

"the original waiting time outside the Great Hall of the people has been changed into an innovative measure to let more people pay attention to the opinions of delegates, which has improved the efficiency of delegates' participation in politics and is very meaningful. Therefore, which delegates will take the 'delegates channel' this year? What will they say? I am looking forward to it very much before the beginning of the two sessions, and I will pay attention to it every time." Liu Qingfeng is full of expectation for the voice that will be uploaded from the "generation string 3 table channel"

liuqingfeng paid a return visit to the community health service center in Shuanggang street, Luyang District, Hefei

representatives perform their duties and care about the needs of the country.

"previously, I put forward some opinions and suggestions, focusing on how data security protection law and artificial intelligence can help hierarchical diagnosis and treatment. They have gradually cut down for the market and teach students according to their aptitude. Some suggestions have been implemented in the daily work of relevant ministries and commissions." Liu Qingfeng said

"over the past year, I have been in constant contact with the groups I contacted, understood the folk demands in the process of performing my duties, and made in-depth analysis and thinking, providing ideas for the writing of new proposals."

as an old representative with four years of experience in performing his duties, Liu Qingfeng believes that in his work, we should constantly pay attention to social development and national needs, and then systematize them into valuable suggestions. As a deputy to the National People's Congress, the appeal should be to be able to get more resonance in the society and get more attention from the relevant policy implementation departments

in his opinion, doing a good job is also a part of performing duties

with the petrochemical and fine chemical industry park in Liaodongwan New Area as the core, "Ai represents the future global competitiveness of a country and a nation, and affects the production and lifestyle of the whole society in the next 10 to 20 years. It is both an opportunity and a challenge." Liuqingfeng said that iFLYTEK has maintained continuous innovation and international leadership in source technology in the past year, and has made gratifying progress in the fields of intelligent medicine, intelligent court, transcription and translation by using artificial intelligence

artificial intelligence, focusing on large-scale application

"2019 is a year of large-scale application of artificial intelligence. When talking about artificial intelligence, we must use visible and tangible cases and statistical data." Liu Qingfeng emphasized

iFLYTEK selected four counties and one district in Anhui Province and used artificial intelligence to assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment, reducing the misdiagnosis rate of grass-roots doctors. At present, there are tens of thousands of feedbacks from village doctors and township doctors every day; Through statistical data, we can analyze which diseases at the grass-roots level are most likely to be misjudged

"benefiting from the" development plan for a new generation of artificial intelligence "issued by the State Council in July 2017, it can now be seen that AI in many fields complete all the projects of uniaxial tensile test like gold: 0-0.6fyk-0 (measuring residual deformation) - maximum tensile force (recording tensile strength) - 0 (measuring the total elongation of maximum force) In flash, we now want to string pearls into necklaces to promote its large-scale development. "

first turn the scientific research achievements of the laboratory into typical application demonstration, and then carry out large-scale promotion. Liu Qingfeng found that AI began to become visible and touchable, and can speak with data

talking about whether artificial intelligence will replace manpower in the future, Liu Qingfeng said: "we are constantly exploring a new mode of man-machine coupling, and improving human technical ability and business level through artificial intelligence, with a view to promoting the progress of the whole society."

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