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IFLYTEK liuqingfeng: 2019 is the year when the value of artificial intelligence is realized.

the two sessions have almost become iFLYTEK's "product show". Almost everyone has a iFLYTEK voice recorder to sort out the interview recording. CCTV used iFLYTEK's AI speech synthesis technology to train Bai Yansong, the host, an AI assistant "Xiaobai". Liuqingfeng, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman of iFLYTEK, said that now they use their own voice recognition system to write suggestions. They also carry their own recording pens when they go to various places for research and meetings. The performance efficiency of Representatives is much higher than before

Liu Qingfeng said in an interview with China Securities Journal that the strength and toughness of metals thus reported that 2019 is the year for the value of artificial intelligence to be realized, and the opportunity for the large-scale application of artificial intelligence industrialization is greater than before. The company will seize this opportunity. IFLYTEK artificial intelligence strategy 2.0 should not only implement more technological innovation and exploration, but also synchronously deliver a perfect answer with economic benefits

occupy the high point of technology

win 12 world championships a year, with an average of one a month! Liu Qingfeng proudly told China Securities News that in 2018, we won the world championship in 12 authoritative competitions in the field of speech, continued to maintain the world's leading technological advantage in the most authoritative international competitions in speech recognition, synthesis and natural language understanding, and further expanded to the field of image recognition

Liu Qingfeng said that in the past 20 years of entrepreneurship, the wave of artificial intelligence has experienced ups and downs. IFLYTEK has been questioned and frustrated for several times, and has followed the path of wavy and sawtooth development. He "hasn't felt tired yet". A very important reason is his heartfelt belief and love. "In the next 20 years, artificial intelligence will profoundly change the world." He said

Liu Qingfeng said that now there are two very important industrial trends. First, the era of interconnection of all things is coming. The interconnection of all things is the biggest industrial wave after the interconnection. This is a new era of human-computer interaction dominated by speech and supplemented by keyboard touch, which puts forward urgent needs and technical expectations for speech interaction, involving dialect, noise, accent, far field and other aspects. Therefore, the threshold for the development of carbon nano technology for speech recognition will not be reduced for many years, but will be further raised. Second, cognitive intelligence will be applied on a large scale. "In close-range environment, you can recognize speech very accurately by facing the microphone and using clear voice. If you stand 5 to 8 meters away in the far-field environment and use voice control, the accuracy of speech recognition will decline rapidly. In the case of noise and accent, the accuracy of speech recognition will also decline rapidly." Liuqingfeng said that in the era of Internet of things, speech recognition technology still has great room for improvement, which is a technological commanding height that iFLYTEK is occupying

in 2018, chime-5, the most authoritative international speech recognition competition, investigated the speech recognition effect in multiple noise and far-field environments, and iFLYTEK won the first place in all four projects. More importantly, the speech recognition error rate of the reference system made by the competition organizer with the latest algorithm and deep learning model reached 81.14%, which can be said to be "the most difficult speech recognition task in history", but the system submitted by iFLYTEK team reduced the error rate by 35 percentage points and won the first place with a significant advantage

promote the application of AI

Liu Qingfeng became a deputy to the Fourth National People's Congress, and almost every year he will put forward suggestions or proposals related to artificial intelligence. This year's two sessions are no exception. Liu Qingfeng suggested that AI should strengthen the implementation of the industry, promote the deep integration of AI open platforms, industry big data centers, and typical application scenarios, and use AI open platforms as the intersection of technology and applications to empower all participants in the ecosystem; Big data feeds back the research and development of AI technology products; Big data administrations at all levels should strengthen the appropriate management scale of data, coupled with the rapid breakthrough of typical application scenarios, form a benign interaction between data and application scenarios, and achieve leapfrog development in medical, education and other industries

liuqingfeng said, "many people asked me why I put forward the proposal or proposal of AI every year. I said, 'I put it like this ten years ago, and it will be put forward in another ten years.' because this is a great historical process, many AI technologies need continuous breakthroughs."

Liu Qingfeng said that 2019 is the year of large-scale application of artificial intelligence. "We will shift AI from typical application demonstration to large-scale promotion, and we will let the world see the real benefits of AI." He said that there are three criteria for the large-scale application of AI: to have real visible and tangible practical application cases, to be able to use statistical data to illustrate the application effectiveness of AI, and to be able to self evolve based on typical application scenarios

"for example, iFLYTEK's intelligent medical assistant has proposed to set up a petrochemical free trade Experimental Zone in East island of Zhanjiang, Anhui Province. It can be used on a large scale. When a patient is talking to a doctor, the intelligent medical assistant can automatically generate a judgment of the disease for the doctor's reference, assist in diagnosing nearly a thousand diseases, and generate 16000 diagnostic opinions every day. We can clearly see how it can help front-line Township doctors improve their diagnosis and treatment." Liuqingfeng said that more large-scale applications of iFLYTEK can be seen in many fields such as medical treatment, justice and education in the future

as a technology entrepreneur who came out of the campus from home, Liu Qingfeng told the entrepreneurs that the application scenario of technology is very important. If it is only a technical concept, there is no clear landing application scenario, and the user use data in a specific scenario cannot be used to form a good iteration and continuous optimization effect, it is difficult to develop continuously. We must implement the concept. The era of relying on the concept to deceive is over

Liu Qingfeng said that in some key areas of artificial intelligence, China is still far from the world-class level. We must strengthen investment in technological innovation at the source of AI. Now is a rare window for AI original technological innovation breakthrough. In the specific direction, Liu Qingfeng suggested that the first is to increase the research on basic principles of mathematics and innovate mathematical statistical modeling methods. The research on basic principles of mathematics is an important part of the basic research of artificial intelligence. The deep combination of brain science research and mathematical statistical modeling methods will be one of the breakthroughs in the next development of artificial intelligence. The second is to strengthen basic research of brain science and promote the development of artificial intelligence technology. Brain science research is an important direction of basic research of artificial intelligence, and it is also a key step to make machines from "listening and speaking" to "understanding and thinking"

Liu Qingfeng explained that there are still limitations in artificial intelligence algorithms, such as unsupervised training is difficult to achieve, machine learning can not be like children who can immediately understand by analogy after reading a small amount of data, and unsupervised training requires a breakthrough in the basic principles of mathematics

iFLYTEK is focusing on the layout of AI technology innovation. Liu Qingfeng introduced that the first is to focus on voice and semantic technology to meet the technical requirements of the era of Internet of things, the second is to break through natural language understanding, and the third is brain computer interface, such as using ideas to control household appliance switches. "The biggest problem now is that we have not found a particularly good method for the detection of brain waves. How can we monitor brain waves without feeling or damage? Once this breakthrough is achieved, a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence technology can be formed through brain like computing and simulating the transmission mechanism of human neurons."

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