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Liu Yupu, Secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, led a team to Yanxiang to investigate

in the first quarter of this year, Shenzhen's economic operation was generally stable and good, but the task of economic development throughout the year was still very arduous. There were still many uncertainties and difficulties due to the Wa of FA rising to the WB of FB. As the main body and entity of economic development, whether enterprises can maintain stable development under the current situation directly determines the overall economic operation of Shenzhen. In order to fight the hard battle of changing the mode of economic development and further promote scientific development around the main line of stable growth and accelerating transformation, the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee and government have taken a series of measures to strengthen the expansion of domestic and foreign demand and make every effort to stabilize economic growth. At the same time, leaders at all levels are required to spend more time and energy, actively deliver services to enterprises, and spare no effort to solve problems for enterprises, so as to stimulate the development vitality of enterprises as economic subjects and market subjects, fundamentally promote the economic development of the whole industry and ensure the realization of the expected goals of the whole year

On the morning of April 7, in the conference room on the 20th floor of yanxiangke plastic wood composite technology building for outdoor building materials, Liu Yupu, deputy secretary of the Guangdong provincial Party committee and Secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, led the relevant departments and leaders of the city to hold an on-site office meeting

please come straight to the point, say less polite words, talk more about the problems faced by enterprise development, and talk more about what services the government needs to provide. Secretary Liu Yupu's simple opening remarks brought the relationship between enterprises and the government closer, and the atmosphere of the meeting was very harmonious

after accompanying the leaders to visit the exhibition hall of Yanxiang, chenzhilie, chairman of Yanxiang, reported the recent development of the enterprise in detail, and reported on some difficulties and problems encountered by the current enterprise in accelerating development, exploring markets, becoming bigger and stronger

after listening to the report, the leaders of the relevant departments of the municipal government who accompanied the investigation gave a face-to-face reply to the problem of Yanxiang at the meeting, saying that they would take effective measures to remove some problems and obstacles and promote the enterprise to work quickly. Chen Zhilie, chairman of Yanxiang, thanked the leaders of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government for their efficient and pragmatic work style, and said that they would accelerate and increase investment to continue to achieve high-speed development

Secretary Liu Yupu emphasized at the meeting that governments at all levels should be the parents of enterprises, take the initiative to provide door-to-door services and solve problems for enterprises, so as to continuously stimulate the vitality of enterprises, promote the development of enterprises, promote the sound and rapid development of Shenzhen economy, and fight the hard battle of changing the mode of economic development

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