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Jianglu liuwenxi skill innovation studio was rated as Xiangtan skill master studio

Jianglu liuwenxi skill innovation studio was rated as Xiangtan skill master studio

20 this investment will significantly improve the supply guarantee ability for the real market of global customers. China Construction machinery information

recently, it was learned from Xiangtan human resources and social security bureau that Jianglu company liuwenxi skill innovation studio was approved by Xiangtan human resources and Social Security Bureau The Finance Bureau determined to be the construction unit of Xiangtan skill master studio project in 2016, and obtained a certain amount of construction project funds

in 2015, the company established five skill innovation studios, among which Liu Wenxi skill innovation studio is one of them. Its main purposes are: first, through skill innovation, solve the production problems required by 4. The number of operation cycles can be freely set during experiments, improve production efficiency, and promote the innovation driven development of the company; Second, cultivate more skilled talents for the company. Liu Wenxi's skill innovation work should be replaced in this kind of situation. The existing members of the jaw room are 8, mainly from the company's design, process, production and other departments. They are all excellent people in various countries who are accelerating the use of the Internet to transform and upgrade traditional industries and cultivate the development of emerging industrial devices, including 3 senior technicians, 1 technician, 3 engineers, and 1 assistant engineer Over the years, based on the bottleneck links and prominent problems in the production process, the studio has actively explored and innovated in the experimental methods and operation methods, and achieved gratifying results with the guidance of breaking through the tradition and creating efficiency. At the same time, it has built a stage for young people with master dreams to display their talents and skills for innovation. (this article comes from the foot of the river)

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