Liuxuezhi, the most popular ethnic group, won the

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Han's Guanhua Liu Xuezhi won the title of "entrepreneur with outstanding contributions to the industry"

on May 15, the fourth China Printing awards ceremony, jointly sponsored by the China printing and equipment industry association, the Hong Kong Printing Industry Chamber of Commerce, the Taiwan printing and machine Materials Industry Association, and the Macao printing industry chamber of Commerce, was grandly held in the W201 conference room of the Beijing New National Exhibition

at the award ceremony, the list of the first industrial innovation entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with outstanding contributions to the industry was officially announced. Liu Xuezhi, general manager of Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd., won the title of entrepreneur with outstanding contributions in the first industry

Liaoning Han's Guanhua Printing Technology Co., Ltd. is a well-known R & D and manufacturing base for offset printing machines in China. It has been 33 years since the development and production of the first small offset printing machine in China. SAE China has been doing this work for printing machines. It is a leading enterprise in the domestic offset printing machine industry. Offset printing machines can always self diagnose faults. The production and sales of offset printing machines rank first in the country, The comprehensive benefit index ranks first in the industry, and its products are exported to most countries and regions such as Europe, North and South America, Africa, Asia, Russia and so on. Han nationality means the Chinese nation; Guanhua means the crown of China. This is the organic combination of science and technology and capital, machinery and optoelectronics, traditional culture and modern civilization, and also indicates that the Han nationality Guanhua will bravely climb to the peak of China's printing and assembly industry, which must lay the foundation

at the 8th Beijing International Printing Exhibition from May 14 to 18, Liaoning Han's Guanhua, with the theme of new starting point, new dream, dual brands and total transcendence, brought two brand series products of Xiaoyuan Guanhua to the grand exhibition. The printing solutions with high-end large format printing, green and environmental friendly water-based glazing printing, Jingyi business printing, differentiated grating stereo printing, self turning special printing, and fast business printing as the core were exhibited on site; Prepress computer direct plate making system (CTP) and printing process closed-loop control system characterized by digitization, automation, high precision, high usability and high matching; And the laser die-cutting machine with the advantages of high technology, high efficiency, high added value, low cost and high efficiency. All models in the exhibition are representative works of Han's Guanhua, which fit the market and will also attract users' complaints, development and customers' actual needs, and some of them are launched globally

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