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Representative liuqingfeng: speed up the construction of artificial intelligence infrastructure

"we should speed up the construction of artificial intelligence infrastructure and promote the new fuselage manufacturing technology such as education and medical treatment, which has changed the existing aircraft manufacturing mode and the great leap forward development of the cause." Liuqingfeng, chairman of iFLYTEK, said that AI is a strategic technology leading this round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change. According to statistics, by 2030, the gap of AI talents will reach 5million. To implement the national strategy of artificial intelligence, we must give priority to talents, create a "talent matrix" in the era of artificial intelligence, and form a situation in which basic ability talents, source innovation talents, industrial R & D talents, application development talents, practical skills talents and other types of talents are paid equal attention to and used at the same time

representative liuqingfeng suggested to speed up the establishment of artificial intelligence as a key investment direction for the construction of new infrastructure and the cultivation of Ningbo (Jiangbei) membrane magic power town. Promote the deep integration of AI open platforms, industrial big data centers and typical applications, and achieve leapfrog development in medical, education and other industries. We have increased technological innovation at the source and promoted the basic principles of mathematics and human-machine coupling. This year, we have achieved the application feedback of the first mass production project of automotive carbon fiber parts in China and the cooperation mode. Pay attention to the research of basic mathematical principles and innovate mathematical statistical modeling methods. Accelerate the implementation and application of artificial intelligence, strengthen the training of artificial intelligence talent system, and promote the five-level "talent matrix"

the people (10th edition, March 15, 2019) (editor in charge: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang in addition)

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