Tailored overall wardrobe cloakroom

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Tailor made overall wardrobe cloakroom

the source of cloakroom

the design of cloakroom comes from the hotel, but the cloakroom of family is very different from that of the hotel. In a narrow sense, the cloakroom of a family is for storing clothes, but in a broad sense, it is a need for quality of life

why tailor-made wardrobe

the cloakroom referred to by ordinary families is actually a wardrobe, but modern people have greatly improved their requirements for life. Clothes of different textures and styles need various corresponding places to be placed, while the traditional wardrobe has been unable to meet and meet such requirements, so the wardrobe has a higher level and purpose, that is, the cloakroom. Modern people customize the cloakroom, which can be unified with the overall decoration style of the room




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