Four focuses of decoration complaints this spring

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Focus one floor complaints ranked first

according to the data provided by the staff of Nanning 12315 complaint reporting command center, from January 1 to March 7 this year, the consumption complaints of wood floors exceeded 1/3 of the total complaints of decoration and building materials, ranking first in this kind of consumption complaints. It is understood that complaints about wood flooring consumption have been high since 2005. More than 40% of the reasons for complaints and disputes about wooden floors this spring are floor quality problems; About 30% of them use low-quality auxiliary materials, such as wet ground, too high moisture content of keel, rotten, low-quality wood-based panel, milky white glue, low-quality paint, etc; 20% is due to the laying construction level; 10% is due to improper on-site maintenance, use and maintenance

before the Spring Festival this year, Ms. Nong, who lives in Jinxiu Jiangnan, Nanning, bought 93 square meters of composite wood flooring at Huqiu building materials market, with a unit price of 72 yuan per square meter. After Ms. Nong's wooden floor was paved, she was not happy for a few days, and problems came one after another. The wooden floor in her home was deformed and arched. After several haggling, Ms. Nong paid another 400 yuan to the merchant and replaced some of the problematic floors

but before long, Ms. Nong's floor was deformed again, so she found the merchant again, but the merchant passed the buck for various reasons and did not solve it, so Ms. Nong complained to Nanning 12315 complaint reporting command center. After receiving the complaint, the staff of Shuangsheng branch of Nanning Administration for Industry and Commerce checked the relevant product inspection sheets, instructions, packaging boxes, etc. because they suspected that the wooden floor had quality problems, they proposed product quality identification opinions to the merchants according to the product quality law. Before the merchants waited for the identification of the quality inspection department, they gave Ms. Nong a full refund of the purchase price and demolished the deformed wooden floor

Nanning 12315 reminds consumers who are preparing to decorate that when purchasing wooden floors, consumers should pay attention to floor quality, paving method, warranty and other aspects. If you choose solid wood flooring, you should also check the moisture content. When paving the floor, it is best to be paved by the manufacturer of the purchased floor. After the paving is completed and qualified, consumers should ask for an after-sales service card

it is difficult to return and exchange goods after the second festival of focus

before the Spring Festival, many consumers who are decorating took a fancy to the promotional activities launched by building materials merchants before the festival, and prepaid a deposit to prepare for the decoration and delivery after the year. However, when picking up the goods after the festival, some consumers found that the products had quality problems and asked to return and exchange the goods, but they were heavily obstructed. This has become one of the new hot spots of complaints about decoration and building materials consumption this spring

at the beginning of February, Mr. Wang, who teaches at Guangxi University, bought a toilet in Nanning fast ring building materials market, but soon after installation, he found that the toilet had cracks. As it did not affect the use, Mr. Wang did not care. On March 4, Mr. Wang found another crack on the toilet. This time, Mr. Wang felt that the problem was serious. The toilet he bought just a month ago had two cracks, so he went to the business to argue

the merchant admitted that it was a quality problem and said that he had contacted the manufacturer, but the manufacturer replied that they did not care. The merchant had to ask Mr. Wang to choose another toilet and promised a discount. Mr. Wang believes that this is a quality problem, and the dealer should return it. "Consumer goods such as toilets can be used for at least five or six years." Mr. Wang said. After the merchant did not agree to return the goods, Mr. Wang complained to Nanning 12315. Under the coordination of industrial and commercial personnel, the merchant finally agreed to return the goods

recently, Mr. Hu, who lives in Zhenning apartment, bought a box of tiles at Huqiu building materials market nearby to repair the balcony floor of his home. Due to the small number of purchases, merchants are unwilling to deliver goods to their homes. So Mr. Hu took a box of tiles home on his motorcycle. When I came home to Kaifeng, I found that more than half of the tiles in the box had been broken. Mr. Hu immediately took it back to the merchant to return it, but the merchant believed that the product was damaged when leaving the store and did not agree to return it. Mr. Hu said angrily, "it's only a five minute drive from the building materials market to my home. If you can't stand the bumps, you can imagine the quality of this kind of ceramic tile." Later, Mr. Hu complained to the local industrial and commercial office. After coordination, the merchants returned and replaced some broken tiles

focus 3: the after-sales service is not in place

in the complaints about the consumption of decoration and building materials this spring, the complaint rate about the after-sales service of products reached 28%, an increase over the same period last year. Among them, the after-sales service complaints of wooden door products are the most

Ms. song, whose new home is located in Nanhu Jingyuan, bought a wooden door at fu'anju Building Materials Plaza in early January. When shopping, the salesperson said that the wooden door surface will not fade even if it is scraped. When Ms. song was decorating, in order to protect the wooden door, she used transparent adhesive sealing paper to wrap the wooden door. But after the decoration, when she tore off the transparent glue, Ms. song found that the wooden door had faded. After checking the door, the merchant admitted that it was a quality problem and promised to replace Ms. song with a new wooden door. But two months have passed, and there is still no action from the merchants. Ms. song urged several times by phone, and the merchants prevaricated for various reasons. Finally, Ms. song dialed the 12315 complaint number. At the urging of the 12315 staff, the merchant promised to come to the door for replacement before March 15

Mr. Pan is a teacher of Guangxi Vocational College of industrial technology. On January 4, Mr. Pan organized several colleagues in the unit to order five sets of wooden doors in Huqiu market. Because of color difference, door distortion and other problems, the installer repeatedly installed it for many times without installing it. On January 10, the merchant promised to press the wooden door again before door-to-door installation. But half a month later, the wooden door was still the same and could not be installed. Mr. Pan repeatedly urged many times, and the merchants did not come to the door to reinstall. At present, Mr. Pan has submitted the complaint to Nanning consumers' Association for acceptance

focus 4. It is difficult for consumers to ask for invoices

it is understood that when consumers buy decoration building materials, they pay and ask for invoices, but some businesses told "if invoices are required, what percentage of the purchase price needs to be paid", otherwise they will not be issued. The difficulty of asking for invoices has become a new problem of complaints about building materials consumption this spring

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