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Light luxury is a lifestyle that respects the quality of life more. It has nothing to do with wealth and status. It represents the pursuit of high-quality life details. Of course, life starts from the house, so as to decorate your light and luxurious life

when did you begin to feel spring

when I found that I began to design my own house, my spring came! The simple style of light luxury makes me feel different in this spring

light luxury is a lifestyle that respects the quality of life more. It has nothing to do with wealth and status. It represents the pursuit of high-quality life details. Of course, life starts from the house, so as to decorate your light and luxurious life

Xiaobian strongly recommends our designer's

130 square three bedroom

to tell you what is light luxury fashion


now everyone's living standard has improved, and being a delicate pig has become our daily lifestyle. Therefore, most families will set porches. The function of the porch is not only to serve as a transitional space between the indoor and outdoor of the residence, but also to allow people to change their clothes and shoes before entering the house, so as to avoid bringing more dust into the house

placing cabinets in the porch can easily hang bags, clothes and other items as soon as you enter the door, so you don't have to be afraid of misplacing them everywhere. And there should be a couch under the cabinet. When changing shoes, you can sit down and change them gracefully. After all, it's a delicate pig. A pot of green plants can add a bit of vitality to the white and desolate tone

living room

art comes from life. Hanging pictures in the living room is an artistic breath. The cold and warm colors of furniture collide, endowing the space with greater activity and color sense, and creating a warm atmosphere

the more the living room is decorated, the better. Such a concise collocation is quite good, which saves space to a greater extent


good design is "people-oriented". In order to make the living room space be used reasonably and efficiently and make it more in line with our own lifestyle, we must not be bound by fixed thinking. Therefore, we can move the study to the empty area in the living room, and then simply use a wall as a partition to separate a world of books

the desk facing the window can better collect sunlight; Put a pot of green plants next to it. When you are tired of reading, turn around and have a look at the green plants, which can protect your eyes, enjoy the scenery outside the window, and relieve your tired mood


the most important thing in the kitchen is cleanliness and sufficient light, so the window is a plus. Because of the limited space, the kitchen is the most common L-shaped, and the dining table is also placed near the kitchen. The mode of integrating kitchen and dining room can solve the problem that the kitchen and dining room are not big enough

the smooth linear design extends the simple and elegant tone again, which is simple and atmospheric. The ceiling is composed of simple and generous lines, adding a sense of spatial hierarchy


do you think your aisle is too cold and simple?! Then decorate the wall, such as hanging pictures, stickers, photos, etc., to add a bit of popularity to the monotonous aisle

the grey white wall presents a quiet feeling, with elegant style and simple shape, which does not rely on thick ink and heavy color

master bedroom

elegant color background wall, metal chandelier, light luxury and fashion

the versatile color system, as the main color of the space, creates an elegant and exquisite modern room without losing its freshness and nature

I only like reading and don't want to let the bedside table bear too much responsibility for storing sundries. I can choose to place a bookcase in the leisure area

only a few books, an aromatherapy and a glass of water accompany you to sleep every night

pink collides with white in fabric art to create a three-dimensional sense. On the one hand, it is energetic and on the other hand, it is quiet, triggering a modern magnetic field. The designer also added a little golden light luxury elements, with a focus on details in the simplicity, so the whole space has become particularly dazzling

second bedroom

the second bedroom is a little smaller than the master bedroom. Get a floating window in the limited space. You can sit here at night, have a glass of red wine, look at the night scenery outside, and calm down and think about the future

every girl has a princess dream, and the pink room is what they yearn for

laundry room

the laundry room should be sunny, breathable, and can be dried and sterilized. The door is transparent, allowing the outside light to enter the laundry room

the design style is young and fashionable. From the ground to furniture and then to soft decoration, the color level is rich, the soft decoration is fresh and comfortable, and the details highlight the quality




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