There are many benefits of decoration in summer

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The hot weather in summer forms an artificial off-season for home decoration, so many owners shelve their home decoration plans. But in fact, there are many benefits of decoration in the so-called off-season

whether the material is environmentally friendly is easier to distinguish

when the temperature is high, it is easier to distinguish whether the material is good or bad. The high temperature in summer will make the toxic substances in the plate volatilize faster, which is convenient for the owner to judge whether the materials used by the main materials or decoration workers are environmentally friendly

summer is a good season to accelerate the release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde in the air, so from another point of view, this high temperature season is conducive to the detection and verification of whether decoration materials are environmentally friendly. When the temperature rises, harmful gases will be released multiple times. Using your nose, you can roughly infer whether the main materials or the auxiliary materials used by the decoration workers are environmentally friendly. In addition, at this time, the construction and release of toxic gas can minimize the safety problems of the owner as much as possible

decoration off-season price is more affordable

decoration companies often use the off-season to do promotional activities, during which not only the price is profitable, but also the gifts are affordable

usually in the off-season, not only is the price affordable, skilled workers will also be relatively idle and easy to find. At the same time, the vast majority of decoration companies hope to use the off-season to seriously let workers do a few good projects, thinking that when the coming peak season comes, they can come up with enough satisfaction “ Decorate the model house &rdquo

the days are long in summer, and the working hours of decoration workers are relatively extended, so it is also very helpful to speed up the project progress and shorten the construction period

the effect of wood painting is better

although there are many wet weather in summer, the effect of painting in summer is better. In summer, the high temperature and less ash in the air make the paint film well formed, and the paint dries quickly, so the polishing is timely. In this way, the gloss of the paint can be fully displayed, and the painted surface effect is the best

on the other hand, the advantage is that in summer, the temperature is high, the smell is easy to volatilize, the paint dries quickly, and the polishing is timely. The brightness of the paint can be fully displayed, and the paint effect is the best

ceramic tiles are pasted more firmly

due to the high temperature in summer, the water evaporates too fast. In order to ensure that the ceramic tiles absorb water fully, most of the bricklayers will soak in advance, and some will soak twice, so that the ceramic tiles that absorb water can be pasted on the ground and walls. Moreover, after the surface of the tiles is watered thoroughly, the windows can be opened for ventilation and natural drying, and the tiles can also be adhered more firmly. Li Tao finishing





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