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On April 6, China Railway announced that, Pt kereta cepat Indonesia China, the controlling shareholder of the company, and the China Indonesia high speed railway contractor consortium, the company's participating shareholder, signed a general contracting contract (EPC) for Indonesia's yavan high speed railway project in Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. It was agreed that the consortium would undertake the general contracting of design, procurement and construction of the project, The contract amount is about USD 4.701 billion (equivalent to RMB 32.4 billion at the exchange rate on April 6), and the project duration is 36 months

the specific construction share to be borne by each party of the consortium remains to be further agreed. The announcement also said that relevant announcements will be further issued after the specific construction share is determined

Indonesia's Jakarta Bandung high speed railway is located in the west of Java island, Indonesia. It is a high-speed railway connecting Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, to Bandung. The first phase of the project is 143 km long. It is constructed and operated under the joint venture mode of China and Indonesia. It is constructed according to the design, construction and acceptance standards of China's high-speed railway and operated by China's multiple units. The maximum design speed is 350 km per hour. It is planned to be completed and opened to traffic in three years. At that time, the traffic time between the two cities will be shortened from 3 hours to 40 minutes

The Ya Wan high speed railway project dates back to nearly two years ago. In october2015, several Chinese and Indonesian enterprises formed a Sino Indonesian joint venture, marking the official implementation of the Ya Wan high speed rail project. On January 21 last year, the commencement ceremony of Indonesia yavan high speed railway was held at walini station in Indonesia

however, since the official commencement of the project, there have been constant rumors about the suspension of the project. One week after the commencement of the project, it was reported that the project was suspended. On the same day, the president of the Railway said that the project was progressing smoothly

subsequently, on march16,2016, the Ministry of transport of Indonesia announced that it would grant the franchise right of Yawan high speed railway to the Yawan high speed railway joint venture, and issue the construction and operation license of the high speed railway

according to the agreement, the franchise right of the joint venture to ya'an-wanzhou high speed railway will start on May 31, 2019 and last for 50 years. The joint venture must complete the construction work within 3 years after the issuance of the construction license. In addition, the agreement also reduced the total cost of the project from about 5.5 billion US dollars (about 35.559 billion yuan) to 5.135 billion US dollars. At the same time, the testing department also strengthened the requirement of US dollars (about 33.199 billion yuan) for copper testing

it is expected that the Yawan high speed railway will become the first high-speed railway in Indonesia. In view of the business prospect of the Yawan high speed railway project within 7 days, Chinese ambassador to Indonesia Xiefeng once said that the Yawan high speed railway has an obvious economic pull effect, which will drive the development of smelting, manufacturing, infrastructure, power, electronics, services, logistics and other supporting industries along the line, create jobs and increase taxes

it is preliminarily estimated that the construction of high-speed railway will create 40000 jobs in Indonesia every year, the stations along the high-speed railway and the surrounding areas will be further developed, and an Yawan economic corridor is expected to be formed

on the other hand, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia. The completion of the Yawan high speed railway will help China implement the strategy of the 21st century Maritime Silk Road, give full play to the service guarantee role of the railway in the the Belt and Road strategy, and realize the interconnection of transportation infrastructure between China and countries along the the Belt and Road

the competition of Indonesia yavan high speed railway project was very fierce. In september2015, both China and Japan submitted high-speed rail construction plans to the Indonesian government. On October 1, Rini soemarno, Minister of state-owned enterprises of Indonesia, announced to the media that the China plan had been approved and the two sides would sign an agreement at the end of October

it is understood that the project cost of the scheme provided by Japan is about US $6.2 billion, the construction period is five years, and 25% of the investment needs to be borne by the Indonesian government. The project cost of the scheme provided by China is about US $5.5 billion, the construction period is three years, and Indonesia's sovereign credit guarantee is not required. China's capital plan was better than Japan's, and finally won the construction right because it tried whether it would eliminate the fault

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