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The China Science and Technology Museum launched the exhibition "discovering the wisdom of the Silk Road" release date: Source: China the exhibition with the theme of "making a day Marco Polo: discovering the wisdom of the Silk Road" opened in the China Science and Technology Museum on January 2. The exhibition is free to the public and will continue to be displayed until May 5 this year

this exhibition, from the perspective of the first person, enables the audience to incarnate ancient Silk Road travelers and businessmen, personally experience the ancient science and technology and material culture spread along the land Silk Road and the maritime Silk Road, and experience the role of the ancient Silk Road in realizing regional connectivity, economic prosperity, trade complementarity and people to people connectivity along the line, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement data; Role

"make a day Marco Polo: discover the wisdom of the Silk Road" exhibition includes the prologue hall and exhibition areas such as "what goods to bring to China", "post station and post road", "roaming around ancient China, domestic cathode material enterprises with relatively concentrated production capacity", "maritime adventure" and "the world is changing". Among them, the prologue Hall shows the long journey of the famous traveler Marco Polo from his hometown Venice, the "water city", to the mysterious East more than 700 years ago. In the "what goods to bring to China" exhibition area, the audience can play the ancient Silk Road merchants, wander around the European and Western Asian markets, understand the local unique goods and processing technology, and use the methods in this period when new materials are emerging one after another. In the "post station and post road" exhibition area, visitors can fully understand the roads, horses, water, food, seats, musical instruments and other items that accompany the Silk Road business travel day and night, as well as the underlying scientific and technological principles, and understand the spread and evolution of these things along the silk road. Ensure the accuracy of the experimental results

in the "roaming ancient China" exhibition area, visitors can learn more about the scientific and technological principles, process flow, communication process and international influence of silk, ceramics, paper and printing, and can also experience Chinese traditional skills such as textile, handmade paper, rubbing and wood block printing. In the "maritime adventure" exhibition area, visitors will embark from the ancient Quanzhou port by sea boat to learn about the shape and construction methods of Chinese and foreign sea ships, the working principle of sails and rudders, navigation methods such as astronomy, geomagnetism and landmarks, and measurement methods such as time measurement, depth measurement and speed measurement. In the exhibition area of "the world is changing", visitors can feel the spirit of the Silk Road of "mutual learning and mutual learning" from time to time

it is understood that, in parallel with the physical exhibitions, "one day Marco Polo: discovering the wisdom of the Silk Road" also launched the "never ending" exhibition. Visitors can visit the exhibition all day long through the online exhibition and voice explanation of the China Digital Science and Technology Museum

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