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On December 5, the first 10kV box type substation of Meizhou Shantou railway power project of Meizhou West Jianqiao section of China Railway Wuhan Electrification Bureau Group was successfully installed at dk7+410 of Meizhou West Jianqiao section of Meizhou Shantou railway, This marks that the power project after the Meishan railway station has entered the stage of comprehensive equipment installation

since the commencement of the project, the Meishan project department has always taken "creating high-quality projects and model projects" as the goal. The project department made overall planning and consideration, prepared the transportation scheme of the box type substation in advance, carefully arranged personnel and machinery, implemented various safety measures, and ensured the unimpeded access road of the box type substation. With the crane lifting the box type substation, under the command of the on-site power director, the box type substation was orderly transferred from the cargo truck to the box type substation foundation. After the position adjustment of the on-site staff, the box type substation was accurately located on the foundation, The positioning of box transformer has been completed. The length of the box transformer in place this time is 4.2m and the width is 2.2m

Meizhou Chaoshan railway is located in the east of Guangdong Province. It starts from Meizhou, passes through Jieyang, and ends in Chaozhou in the south. The line connects Meizhou area to the north, with the existing Zhanglong railway, the planned Huizhou Meizhou section of Guangzhou Meizhou Shantou passenger dedicated line, and the planned Yingmei and Pumei railways; It connects the Chaozhou Jiezhou Shantou area to the south, connects with the existing Xiamen Shenzhen coastal railway, and connects with the planned Jieyang port railway. The line is led out from the west of Meizhou, passing through Meixian District, Meijiang district and Fengshun County under the jurisdiction of Meizhou City, Jiedong district and airport district under the jurisdiction of Jieyang City, and ends at Chao'an county of Chaozhou City. The total length of the line is about 122.412km. There are 7 stations in the whole line, including Meizhou west station, Shejiang north station, Jianqiao station, Fengshun east station, Jieyang north station, Chaoshan airport station and Chaoshan station. The power project includes the installation of 46 box type substations, 9 reactors, 292.9 km of high-voltage cable lines and 138.6 km of low-voltage cable lines

it is reported that the electric power project of Meishan railway is in full swing. This time, the box has been turned into an electronic universal experimental machine, and the method of "xp-p=1067 · measuring the modulus (different elongation) of ozone aging tablets" to evaluate the experimental results has been put in place, which has greatly inspired all the participants, enhanced their confidence, and enthusiastically worked hard for the construction of Meishan railway with high standards, high requirements and high quality

original text 1. The fixture equipped with the machine shall be coated with anti rust oil for storage; From: China Financial watch

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