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China Railway Equipment Group: innovative manufacturing products and services bind customers

China Railway Equipment Group: innovative manufacturing products and services bind customers

sample machine information printed from full-color plastic 3D printing materials of China engineering machinery

"The shield industry is a strategic emerging industry in China. In the market bidding, our foreign competitors tend to have a longer history and a stronger brand. But why do customers choose us? In addition to excellent products, they rely on better service." On July 6, lijianbin, chairman and Secretary of the Party committee of China Railway Equipment Group, frankly talked about the success of the enterprise

the purpose of this centralized publicity is to introduce the development experience of manufacturing service industry and guide the successful transformation of Chinese enterprises by publicizing the typical Chinese enterprises that have successfully transformed from manufacturing industry to manufacturing service industry. China Railway Equipment Co., Ltd. is a pioneer and leader in the R & D and manufacturing of tunnel boring machines in China. Its market share and scientific and technological strength rank first in China and second in the world

in the remote monitoring center in the main building of Zhengzhou shield R & D base, the staff are closely monitoring the product information remotely transmitted from various shield construction sites at home and abroad where the steel or samples continue to produce obvious plastic deformation. "In the past, we had to spend days or even weeks on the site to solve construction problems. Now, it only takes a few minutes to diagnose and deal with them." Tanshunhui, general manager of the company, said that the system provides round the clock service for customers by applying functions such as automatic data exchange technology and intelligent fault diagnosis and prediction technology. At present, it is the only one in China

"we will do what the customer thought; we will think of what the customer did not think of in advance." Lijianbin said that in the past, customers bought products first, and then the company provided services; Now, the company moves forward the service, actively introduces customers into the product manufacturing and application service process, and actively finds customer needs

"high quality service enables us to cultivate customer loyalty, ultimately bind customers and lead consumption." Tanshunhui said that because he was very satisfied with the products and services of China railway equipment, a Chengdu enterprise recently added an order of about 170million yuan

over the past few years, China railway equipment has undertaken seven national "863" and "973" tunnelling research projects, realized the transformation from a manufacturing enterprise to an enterprise with more than 40 claims, including new alloy composition design and whole process manufacturing and processing technology, and changed from providing products to providing value-added services, becoming one of the world's three largest tunnelling machine manufacturers. Statistics show that the output value of the company's manufacturing service industry is on the rise. It is expected that this year it will exceed 150million yuan, breaking 10% of the total output value

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