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On August 9, 2004 and July 31, 2004, the forum activity of "new fashion of China Resources paint design" organized by China Resources paint love opened in Wuhan Shangri La Hotel. Mr. joeychan, China Resources paint color consultant and a famous Canadian designer ldquo; Due to the rising prosperity of the industry, 8 design elites from Jiangcheng and more than 200 owners present discussed the topic of interior decoration

the purpose of this activity is to promote the overall level of the domestic decoration industry, help designers create a good learning environment, and create a home of taste for decoration owners. As a well-known coating enterprise in China, China Resources Coatings has always been committed to promoting the advanced concept of "design first" in the decoration industry. Mr. joeychan introduced the latest international design trends in detail to the designers and owners present by taking international excellent design works as an example. Xulei, the chief designer of Juzhong decoration, wangyangang, the designer of Dongyirisheng and liuhongbin, the designer of Jiahe all made wonderful speeches. Many of the owners who participated in this activity were attracted by their fame. Through this close contact with international masters, they learned about the popular trends and color matching skills of outdoor and interior decoration in some countries when the calibration instigates the lights to turn on, and learned a lot from their own home decoration design

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