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China ROK energy cooperation promotes enterprises of the two countries to join hands

China ROK energy cooperation promotes enterprises of the two countries to expect it to bring huge market value by the end of 2014

August 8, 2014

[China paint information] it is inferred that SK Group has a large number of natural gas sources, which will provide guarantee for Hanas to achieve its development goals, and China's huge LNG market is what SK dreams of

on the basis of the cooperation between China and the ROK on energy conservation and energy efficiency, the two countries decided to expand energy cooperation to all fields in early July. Based on this background, the contacts between Chinese and Korean enterprises are becoming more and more frequent, and the cooperation is also deepening

recently (August 6), SK group, the third largest multinational enterprise in South Korea, reached a comprehensive cooperation agreement with China Hanas group. Although the two sides have not yet spoken about the possible specific cooperation projects, the industry speculates that the huge LNG (liquefied natural gas) market in China and a large number of natural gas sources in South Korea may be the reason why Hanas and SK hit it off at once, and will also become the beginning of the cooperation between the two sides

the rationality of this judgment lies in two aspects. First, mafuqiang, President of Hanas group, once introduced the cooperation with SK, "the two sides will carry out comprehensive cooperation around the upstream, middle and downstream of the natural gas market on the basis of the comprehensive framework cooperation agreement, and implement these cooperation step by step in the future"

on the other hand, at present, Hanas has an annual sales capacity of 2million tons of LNG. According to incomplete statistics, Hanas has accounted for about 15% of the sales share in China's LNG market. Moreover, a relevant person of Hanas also introduced to securities that Hanas is trying to support the whole natural gas industry chain in more cities and regions, and is planning to build LNG consumption terminals nationwide. "We plan to expand 200 filling stations and 30 green energy promotion centers in the near future; in the medium term, we aim to avoid the possibility of air holes in the sheath due to the effect of moisture (or moisture around the cushion) by 600-800 filling stations, 120 green energy promotion centers widely recognized by customers in various fields downstream, and the annual production and sales will reach 5million tons."

at the same time, public information shows that SK group, which ranks 64th among the latest world top 500, is the largest energy and chemical enterprise in South Korea, accounting for 25.3% of the urban gas market in South Korea, ranking first in the urban gas supply market in South Korea

in addition to the cooperation with SK, in terms of specific project development, Hanas just completed the signing of development agreements with local governments on two coastal LNG national strategic reserve bases in Zhuhai, Guangdong and Putian, Fujian. At the same time, in the downstream consumer end market, Hanas has begun to layout in Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi and other markets. In fact, it is understood that Hanas has just completed the signing of a multi-party cooperation agreement in Shandong Province and embarked on a work aimed at the transformation of energy consumption in the transportation field

for Zhuhai and Putian projects, the data shows that the investment amount of Zhuhai project in the next four years will be 24.5 billion yuan, covering the entire industrial chain of upstream, middle and downstream LNG. The core project of the project is Huangmao Island LNG terminal, which is expected to cost 13billion yuan. After completion, it will have the capacity to receive 6million tons of liquefied natural gas annually; According to the investment intention agreement of Putian project, Hanas plans to invest 14billion yuan to build a national strategic reserve base with an annual LNG receiving capacity of 9million tons

this indicates that Hanas will focus on LNG - ---- Professor Tong Lisheng/Director point of New University of Wisconsin in the United States, and increase investment in gas storage, filling facilities and transportation vehicles in coastal Putian, Zhuhai and other places, terminals, filling stations and North China. Ma Fuqiang had previously publicly introduced that "Hanas will accelerate the layout of the terminal market throughout the country, especially in the provinces around the Bohai Sea and the southeast coast"

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