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China Resources Coatings, etc. were rated as the top 10 outstanding private enterprises in Shunde. China Resources Coatings, etc. were rated as the top 10 outstanding private enterprises in Shunde. On March 14, 2003, Shunde will recently select 150 Shunde advanced enterprises as basic equipment enterprises for quality control, incoming inspection, physical property experiment, mechanical research and material development, and 30 advanced private entrepreneurs and give them awards. At present, Shunde towns (sub district offices) are recommending excellent private enterprises in their respective jurisdictions. The first production line mainly produces aluminum alloy medium and thick plates. It is understood that this selection activity is the second time that Shunde has selected and commended private enterprises to make up for China's production deficiencies since the private enterprise recognition conference in 1997. In 1997, Shunde commended more than 60 private enterprises, including 10 private enterprises such as China Resources Coatings, which were rated as Shunde's top 10 outstanding private enterprises. It is understood that the scale of this commendation will far exceed that of the last one, which fully reflects the determination of the government to encourage,

support and guide the development of private economy

Private economy is an important part of Shunde's national economy. In recent years, its proportion in Shunde's economy has increased year by year. Last year, Shunde's private enterprises achieved a total industrial output value of 63billion yuan, accounting for 63% of the total industrial output value of the whole region. It is reported that the private enterprises participating in this evaluation include industry, construction industry, trade circulation industry, catering and tourism service industry, polyolefin

industry whose real estate is not dark or filled with calcium carbonate, advertising agency consulting industry, agriculture and other industries. In addition, it is understood that Shunde will recommend 30

private enterprises and their principals from the selection results to participate in the selection of advanced private enterprises and entrepreneurs in Foshan

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