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A man-made moon rises in China without lighting at night. Foreign media can't do it.

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at present, China's science and technology are developing very fast. However, at the entrepreneurship exhibition in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, a while ago, China unveiled a creative project. Is to launch the world's first man-made moon. The man-made moon is planned to be completed in 2020, demonstrating the entire system from launching into orbit to lighting, and is planned to be officially launched in 2022. The news has been exposed and has aroused heated discussion at home and abroad

it is understood that the man-made moon to be launched in China is actually an artificial space lighting satellite that actively introduces and develops upstream and downstream industries. The satellite is equipped with a super large space reflector, which can reflect the sun's light. The brightness of the light mask formed on the earth's surface is 8 times the maximum intensity of the moon at present. It allows you to travel through long nights with artificial satellites without any lighting equipment. This can save a lot of electricity for infrastructure. Taking Chengdu as an example, 50 square kilometers can save about 1.2 billion yuan of electricity every year. Although satellites have many advantages (5) to reduce the impact of the environment on the formation of materials, foreign media say: This is not feasible

because they are worried that it will affect the work and rest of organisms. In this regard, the director of the Scientific Research Association came out of the explanation. He said that the light intensity and duration of the artificial moon can be adjusted as shown in the structural diagram. In addition, due to the influence of atmospheric movement and other factors, the actual illumination in the working area is similar to the feeling of summer dusk. The intensity of light that people can feel is about one fifth of the intensity of street lamps. So don't worry about the work and rest of creatures. Do you think this artificial moon project will work? Don't forget to leave a message below

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