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Sun Shoushan: developing digital publishing technology to promote the leapfrog development of the industry

I am glad to participate in the Founder Digital Publishing Industry Summit. The theme of this summit is the innovation and win-win of the digital publishing industry, discussing the prospects and future of the development of China's digital publishing industry, and displaying the innovative achievements of the digital publishing industry. The convening of the summit is of great significance to the leapfrog development of the entire publishing industry

scientific and technological progress is the fundamental driving force to promote the development of human society. The publishing industry, which takes inheriting excellent culture and advanced culture, disseminating correct theories, science and technology as its own responsibility, every qualitative leap in history is a direct result of advanced science. We are willing to cooperate to successfully apply technology and increase the consumption of CPE. From the invention of papermaking, block printing and movable type printing in ancient times, to the wide application of modern machine printing and phototypesetting plate making, and the emergence of digital publishing technology today, advanced science and technology have brought the revolution of publishing industry again and again. It can be asserted that digital publishing represents the direction and trend of the development of publishing industry in the 21st century

SUN Shoushan, deputy director of the General Administration of publishing

facing the changes brought by digitalization, the publishing industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities. The outline of the national cultural development plan during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period points out that we should speed up the transformation from traditional publishing industry to modern content industry, and vigorously develop e-books, newspapers, digital publishing and other emerging formats. This points out the direction for the development of the publishing industry at present and in the future. As a practitioner of digital publishing in China, Founder Group has realized the protection of digital copyright with the two core technologies of CEB and DRM. At present, it has published nearly 300000 kinds of e-books, the number of which ranks first in the world, covering various fields such as humanities, economy and science, and has played a demonstration role in the development of China's digital publishing industry. This shows that the current partners of digital HP, including Evonik, BASF, Arkema and Lehmann Voss, have become an inevitable trend and a new economic growth point in the publishing industry

during the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, the General Administration of publishing will focus on vigorously promoting scientific and technological innovation in the publishing industry and improving the publishing industry in the national economy and society. 1. Check whether the mechanical performance is good, and maintain the level of workbench and zigzag machine table; And prepare for the development status and international competitiveness of various mandrel tools, and clarify the development ideas, strategic objectives and key projects of digital publishing in the future; Vigorously promote the digitization of publishing resources and realize the maximum content sharing under the premise of protecting intellectual property rights; Form a scientific and standardized standardization system of the publishing industry, and speed up the research and formulation of the main standards and key technical standards of the digital publishing industry; We will intensify efforts to tackle key technical problems, and strive to make substantive breakthroughs in the research and development of digital copyright protection technology, digital printing technology, all Chinese character set technology, high-definition large capacity optical disk storage technology, electronic paper technology, publishing technology, etc

The 21st century is an era of resource sharing and information exchange. The popularization of informatization and Networking provides important strategic opportunities for the development of the whole publishing industry, including digital publishing. We hope that publishing technology developers, digital content providers and digital product marketers will further strengthen communication and exchange, and put forward operable and forward-looking suggestions on how to improve the management ability of digital publishing content, strengthen the expansion of content and added value of services, improve the digital operation ability of enterprises, and strengthen the standard construction and copyright protection of digital publishing, Improve the technical level and international competitiveness of China's digital publishing. We have every reason to believe that with the strong support of the government, the active participation and unremitting efforts of the vast number of digital technology providers and publishing units, China's digital publishing industry will get better and faster development, and the whole publishing industry in China will also have a new situation of more prosperity and development

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