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Sun Zhaohui said: the cooperation between CMMB and TD is the specific practice of three integration

according to the news on January 29, sun Zhaohui, general manager of China broadcasting, said in an exclusive interview on January 28 that the cooperation between CMMB and TD-SCDMA is the specific practice of three integration

CMMB TV business will be launched in February to maintain a high market share of Jinan assay products.

China mobile multimedia radio and television (CMMB) is a new radio and television technology independently innovated by China since 2008. Its characteristic is that it can clearly listen to and watch live radio and television programs in the mobile state

it is reported that the initial application of CMMB technology was accompanied by cooperation with several common faults of TD-SCDMA hydraulic universal testing machine. In August, 2008, after six years of preparation, the CMMB system was finally broadcast before the Beijing Olympic Games

during the Beijing Olympic Games, China Mobile purchased 40000 td-scdmas loaded with CMMB functions, enabling CMMB services to be commercialized on a large scale

after emerging in the Beijing Olympic Games, the cooperation between CMMB and TD-SCDMA has deepened step by step

on March 22, 2009, CMMB's national operator, China Broadcasting Corporation, signed a cooperation agreement with China Mobile. Following up the agreement, the two sides will jointly promote the development of TD-SCDMA with CMMB function, and agree that China Mobile will be the only partner of CMMB in terms of terminals in the next three years

one and a half months later, on May 7, China Broadcasting and China Mobile signed a project business cooperation agreement between CMMB and TD-SCDMA. According to the agreement, the scope of cooperation between the two sides includes TD, TD card and TD book

after some TD-SCDMA loaded CMMB modules, TD-SCDMA data cards have also started loading this function in July 2009. So far, the cooperation between China Mobile and CMMB industry camp has expanded from data card

"following the strategic cooperation agreement reached between Guangzhou media and China Mobile in mid March 2009, the cooperation between the two sides has been widely concerned by the outside world." Sun Zhaohui said, "since the advent of Motorola, Samsung and other high-end models of TVs at the end of last year, the further cooperation between China Broadcasting and China Mobile has become the focus of attention."

sun Zhaohui said that from February, 2010, the CMMB TV business cooperated by China Broadcasting and China Mobile will be officially launched in the first 24 provinces of the three yuan material, and the rest of the provinces will be launched successively before March 31

sun Zhaohui said, "the cooperation between TD and CMMB includes both terminal integration and business integration. It is a specific practice of three integration, and it is a practice at the forefront. Both sides are working hard to promote each other's integration."

build the world's largest mobile multimedia radio and television

in fact, the research and development of CMMB began in 2003. At that time, the science and Technology Department of SARFT initiated a project in the Academy of broadcasting Sciences and began the research on mobile multimedia broadcasting technology

in March, 2005, SARFT determined the technical scheme of mobile multimedia broadcasting. In October, 2006, the CMMB standard was officially released

in May 2007, the construction of CMMB ground demonstration officially began. In October of the same year, eight host cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Shenyang, Qingdao, Qinhuangdao, Guangzhou and Shenzhen should have safety protection measures, and CMMB ground coverage network signals were opened

in June, 2008, CMMB in 37 cities across the country opened network signals and CMMB system began trial broadcasting. In August, 2008, CMMB network signal was officially launched in 37 cities across the country

in August 2009, one year after the official opening, the number of cities covered by CMMB network increased to 191. As of January 28, 2010, China Broadcasting Corporation has opened CMMB dedicated networks in 282 cities across the country

sun Zhaohui said, "in addition to Xinjiang, Tibet, Qinghai and other regions with special climatic conditions, China broadcasting will complete the CMMB network coverage of all cities in the country by March 31 this year. This means that the world's largest mobile multimedia radio and television has been completed."

"in the next five years, China broadcasting will use satellite and terrestrial radio and television networks to achieve deep coverage of CMMB networks in all cities above the prefecture level in mainland China." Sun Zhaohui said, "at the same time, CMMB network will cover all 393 county-level cities, more than 1000 counties, and major highways."

100million CMMB users will be developed in the next five years

on January 28, China Broadcasting and 16 terminal manufacturers jointly launched CMMB "eye China" business. "In 2010, the development goal of CMMB users is 10million." Sun Zhaohui said, "we will strive to make 'Jingcai' a household business brand."

previously, China Broadcasting Corporation announced the three-year development goal of CMMB user expansion. According to the plan of China Broadcasting Corporation, CMMB signal will cover 500million people in China in 2010, and the number of CMMB users will reach 50million in 2012 three years later

sun Zhaohui said, "in the next five years, we plan to have more than 100million basic users, and our goal in value-added business users is more than 40million."

it is reported that after purchasing a terminal with built-in "Jingcai China" business, users can watch 6 sets of TV programs for free within three years, and can realize nationwide roaming

sun Zhaohui introduced that at present, in addition to broadcasting some programs of the central, provincial and municipal governments, China Communications has also launched "Jingcai film", "Jingcai finance", "Jingcai navigation" and other "Jingcai China" series products

among them, "Jingcai navigation" has been opened in Beijing, Shanghai, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Tianjin and Shenyang, and has started trial commercial use. "Jingcai finance" business has also been deployed nationwide and will be officially commercial after the Spring Festival. Easy technology

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