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Fujian solarization salt launches new packaging

it was learned from Fuzhou Salt Bureau yesterday that Fujian salt company, the only salt business enterprise in Fujian Province, has launched a new version of solarization salt packaging bag since this month, which technically covers the anti-counterfeiting function similar to the latest version of identity card and driver's license issued by the Ministry of public security. The newly packaged iodized salt is now on the market in Fuzhou

consumers can distinguish the true from the false in three aspects. First, carefully identify the definition of laser anti-counterfeiting film. The patterns on the real film are very clear and complete. The pattern of the false film is not clear, the unit pattern is incomplete, and the line of the pattern has a fast running speed. It is not proficient enough. The belt pulley drives the worm and worm gear pair to decelerate fine. Second, carefully identify the transferred laser pattern. The authentic pattern is clear and complete, and the overall film is smooth and flawless. The pattern of the fake product is not clear as a whole. The unit fracture surface is about 45 ° from the axis of the test piece. The pattern is incomplete, and the lines are broken and thick. Third, carefully identify the "Fujian salt industry" pattern below the back of the packaging bag. It is a flower pattern composed of many fine and tiny words "iodized salt", which can be clearly identified by using an ordinary magnifying glass. If it is false, the pattern is vague

Fuzhou Salt Bureau reminds consumers to recognize the "Jinghua" brand produced by Fujian salt company when buying salt, which greatly solves the problem of raw material "neck sticking", iodized sun salt, and identify the true and false according to the above anti-counterfeiting functions

source: Xinhua

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