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Sunfirev20z server based on AMD Haolong processor Jiangong oil

Xinjiang Oilfield Company is the largest oil production enterprise in Western China, and the exploration and Development Research Institute of Xinjiang Oilfield Company, which is subordinate to Xinjiang Oilfield Company, is mainly responsible for geophysical exploration data processing and drawing a "black gold" treasure map for seismic exploration. In 1998, the exploration and Development Research Institute introduced the mainframe of a large manufacturer to run the numerical simulation software of landmark software company, which focuses on the oil exploration industry (the software can simulate the distribution law of remaining oil according to the underground reservoir data). The landmark system has reached the age of upgrading since its operation. The maintenance cost of the system is expensive, and the manufacturer has no intention of further upgrading them in glass state, high elastic state and viscous flow state. Therefore, the software manufacturer landmark transplanted the numerical simulation software previously running on the server to the cluster system based on PC server. The user decided to investigate the operation effect of the numerical simulation software on the cluster system based on X86 server

cluster technology is a high-performance computing technology rising in recent ten years. It is mainly used to deal with complex computing problems and is applied in environments that require large-scale scientific computing, such as weather forecasting, oil exploration and reservoir simulation, molecular simulation, etc. Use x86 standard workstation or server to build a parallel cluster system, which is composed of a group of independent/complete and interconnected computing nodes. These computing nodes work together to provide a complete computing resource. As a high-performance computing system, cluster system has the advantages of highly scalable architecture and relatively low price. However, the cluster architecture puts forward higher requirements for the performance of each processor participating in the cluster. On the one hand, each processor itself needs to have high performance, and at the same time, the data exchange between processors, that is, the i/o part, needs to have sufficient bandwidth, so that bottlenecks can be avoided in the data exchange between CPUs, so that the CPU's computing part can give full play to its performance, and will not "wait for rice to boil"

industry commonalities are common, sun has obvious advantages

in fact, at that time, taking advantage of the hype of steel prices, a considerable number of oilfield exploration and development departments are facing the same problems as the exploration and Development Institute of Xinjiang Oilfield Company - all oilfield exploration and development departments that have carried out numerical simulation need to update their servers, At the same time, some new oilfield units preparing to build numerical simulation systems also intend to adopt the cluster mode based on x86 architecture

as a new force in the IT industry, Beijing rongzhilian Technology Co., Ltd. has rich experience in the development of oilfield related systems. Seeing the opportunity that the oilfield exploration department generally needs to update the server, rongzhilian decided to master the technology of smoothly porting the old server data to the cluster mode based on x86 architecture and ensuring the normal operation of the cluster

of course, the premise of all this is that it is very important to choose whose x86 server to cluster. Because, first of all, the numerical simulation software must be able to run safely on the cluster; Secondly, large-scale computing requires high performance of server clusters. How fast a single system operates, and whether the coordination between systems in the cluster and the load balance can meet user requirements are all issues that must be considered

since 2003, Sun company has launched the x86 standard architecture server based on AMD Haolong processor sun fire v20z. Rongzhilian hopes to use this server and landmark's application software to launch a reservoir simulation cluster system suitable for exploration and development

in the view of rongzhilian, sun fire v20z is the first server product of sun based on AMD Haolong processor. Applied in the field of petroleum energy, Haolong processor is based on the standard x86 architecture, which has good compatibility. It can not only run the traditional 32-bit software well, but also has the latest 64 bit computing power. It has exceeded the limit of 4GB content access space of 32-bit servers and reached a breakthrough of 18billion TB. Its data access power and computing power are excellent. This is very important for data intensive applications such as petroleum and geological exploration. In the field of petroleum geology, due to the large amount of data collection, strict requirements are put forward for the amount of data that the processor can process at the same time. The 64 bit processing capacity of Haolong processor can add memory almost infinitely, so that the amount of data that the processor can process at the same time can also be greatly improved. Haolong processor also has an innovative built-in memory controller, which shortens the delay from the processor core to the memory controller and effectively improves performance. At the same time, Haolong processor platform innovatively uses HyperTransport technology as the data exchange channel between processors, so that when multiple processors are used in the system for collaborative computing, the bandwidth is very abundant to avoid the emergence of data bottlenecks. The design of high bandwidth is very effective in the application of large amount of data in the field of oil exploration, especially when multiprocessors form a cluster. The application of Haolong processor has become a prerequisite for the performance of sun fire v20z server cluster. As the main product, sun fire v20z has quite good cost performance - the price is far lower than the previous mainframe, but the performance is better than the original system

the reservoir description simulation system (hereinafter referred to as VIP system) software is the latest reservoir simulation software currently launched by landmark company, which has been promoted on a large scale in China for the first time. Sun fire v20z server based on AMD Haolong processor and landmark software all make rongzhilian confident

excellent simulation test effect

since April 2004, rongzhilian has built a cluster system based on sun fire v20z server. In cooperation with landmark company, it has conducted tests in the laboratory of Sun company for nearly three months. Landmark VIP software has been tested in Gigabit Ethernet, Infiniband, myrinet and other cluster high-speed interconnection modes, and finally achieved very good test results in the myrinet interconnection mode, And the stability and high performance of sun system have been verified

in the test, the hardware configuration of the system is 32 node sun fire v20z server (2xamd Opteron 248 2.2GHz CPU, 2GB memory, 1x73gb hard disk); The software is configured as the OpenWorks VIP parallel numerical simulation system of landmark company; The network environment is myrinet interconnection technology

Improve the quality and efficiency of development

after strict testing, the data shows that the sun fire v20z + m hydraulic universal data testing machine is composed of measuring system, driving system, control system and computer (computer system tensile testing machine), etc. yrinet can get a relatively ideal operation effect, completely

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