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Sun Shutao led a delegation to the United States to carry out economic and trade promotion activities to promote key projects

in late August, sun Shutao, deputy secretary of the municipal Party committee and mayor, led a delegation to the United States to carry out economic and trade promotion activities, closely focusing on the construction of the Blue Economic Zone, through the formation of connecting plates and the upper square iron to make the main shaft drive the pendulum and pendulum to produce an angular displacement, promote key projects, visit key enterprises, coordinate and promote cooperation in key fields, and achieve fruitful results

the United States is the third largest source of foreign investment and the fourth largest trading partner of Weihai. At present, 88 American invested enterprises are developing in Weihai, involving tires, medical devices, food and medicine, machinery and electronics, light industry and textiles and many other fields. The municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to the economic and trade cooperation with the United States, and have organized a series of investment activities to strengthen project docking and expand cooperation fields. During his stay in the United States, sun Shutao visited genoma, an American high-tech enterprise, and promoted the biotechnology R & D center project; Visited AA meat, the third largest meat product company in the United States, and discussed the food processing base project; He met with the president of LJK group, a famous investment company, and connected with the American Industrial Park project; Visited the president of the American Dental Association and the president of the American Chinese entrepreneurs' chamber of Commerce, and discussed the cooperation of medical and health projects; At the same time, they met with overseas Chinese leaders organized by chambers of commerce such as Shandong fellow countrymen's Association, Qilu guild hall, Korea China Friendship Association, and had in-depth discussions on strengthening project cooperation and promoting economic, trade and cultural exchanges, which further enhanced the confidence of American entrepreneurs and investors in investing in Weihai

on August 19, triangle group a3t company was officially established in Akron, the United States. This is the fourth R & D center established by Weihai enterprises in the United States, and also the first branch established by triangle group in the United States. As the group's U.S. headquarters and technical center, it is responsible for the research and development of tire technology, manufacturing process, rubber processing equipment, rubber formula and other related fields. Triangle group also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Akron university to establish a joint laboratory to jointly strengthen technological innovation cooperation. Sun Shutao attended the founding ceremony of triangle group a3t company, the signing of strategic cooperation agreement and the unveiling ceremony of the joint laboratory, and encouraged enterprises to establish international vision and strategic thinking. From the lower part of the force measuring cylinder, they can actively and steadily "go global" innovative development, constantly improve product technology, expand international marketing network, gather development resources on a larger scale, and share the world market at a deeper level

during his stay in the United States, sun Shutao also visited Los Angeles County and Akron City, met with Michael Antonovic, the mayor of Los Angeles County, and had an in-depth dialogue with the elite of Los Angeles' scientific and technological circles; The two cities will jointly promote friendly exchanges and economic and trade exchanges between the people of the two cities on the basis of equality and mutual benefit, and then carry out extensive exchanges and cooperation in science and technology, culture, sports, health, education, talent and other fields

after the inspection, sun Shutao put forward requirements for strengthening economic and trade cooperation with the United States, hoping that all departments at all levels in the city, in combination with the construction of the Blue Economic Zone, seize the favorable opportunities, strengthen project docking, and further consolidate the good momentum of investment attraction to the United States. We should base ourselves on the advantageous industries of Weihai, aim at the scientific research resources of the United States, fully tap the cooperation potential, promote in-depth cooperation, and promote the economic transformation and upgrading of Weihai. We should strengthen follow-up services, accelerate the implementation of key contact projects, and promote steady and rapid economic and social development with the new achievements of industrial investment

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