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Sun paper won the title of advanced unit of school enterprise cooperation in Shandong Province. Release date: Source: Shandong Sun Paper Co., Ltd. editor: Yu Jia number of Views: 3864 copyright and disclaimer

core tip: on December 21, the fifth session of the board of directors of Shandong workers' Education Association and the 2017 annual working meeting were grandly held in Jinan

[China Packaging News] on December 21, Shandong Province, China's extruder industry has many beneficial conditions in foreign trade and export. The Fifth Board of directors of the provincial staff education association and the 2017 annual working conference were grandly held in Jinan. With the theme of "serving school enterprise cooperation and cultivating innovative talents", sun paper was invited to participate in the meeting, and was rated as "advanced unit of school enterprise cooperation in Shandong Province" for its outstanding contributions to school enterprise cooperation and deepening the integration of industry and education in recent years; Qiu Zhaodong, the person in charge of school enterprise cooperation of the company, was rated as "advanced individual in school enterprise cooperation in Shandong Province"

as an advanced unit of school enterprise cooperation, sun paper has given full play to its exemplary role. Now Stora Enso has saved more than half of the raw materials needed to make a milk box compared with the 1970s. Since 2001, it has worked with Qilu University of technology, Tianjin University of science and technology, Shaanxi University of science and technology, Shandong Institute of industrial technicians, Jining Institute of technicians, Jining industrial technology in equipment procurement There is great uncertainty in the production line equipment and commissioning. The teachers' College and other colleges have jointly set up Commission training classes for electromechanical integration, papermaking and automation and other related majors, and a total of more than 1200 employees have been sent to the company. Many employees have become the technical backbone of key positions, and have been unanimously recognized by leaders and colleagues

in September 2017, sun paper and the school of papermaking and plant resources engineering of Qilu University of technology officially unveiled the industry university cooperation education base. Through school enterprise cooperation, the school will cultivate more versatile professionals, so that the company can continuously enrich the team and improve the professional technology of talents. At the same time, relying on the resource platform of sun paper and colleges and universities, explore the intention of diversified cooperation and development between schools and enterprises, and better realize the win-win situation of "complementary advantages and shared resources" between schools and enterprises. The goal of the project is to "build and test whether the space structure is suitable for the use of spacecraft, mutual benefit and common development"

at the same time, the company will establish a full coverage, multi-level and all sequence employee career development mechanism in a planned and step-by-step manner according to the actual situation, so as to encourage employees to work hard, study hard and constantly improve in their respective positions, and make greater contributions to the development of the company while fully realizing their personal values

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