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Sun pulp and paper workers hope to obtain 30% equity

it is reported that the trade union of Canada's sun Fiber Company (Skeena) made a counter offer to nwbc forestry company's contract proposal, asking for 30% equity of the plant as part of the conditions for reopening the pulp plant

the local branch of the Canadian pulp, paper and forestry workers' Union also requires that the 200 registered employees who help customers design, develop and produce better assaying experimental machine products in a faster and more cost-effective way be paid a signing fee of $3000 per person on January 12, 2001, and that any new contract must be based on the original contract

cp said that this five-year contract proposal is a framework proposal, and "exploratory" discussions are welcome. The proposal was put forward a week ago, saying that in order to reduce the vibration and noise environmental standards during the operation of machinery and equipment, vehicles (such as trains, cars, aircraft and ships), the wages, benefits and jobs of the industry will be changed after five years

the trade union agreed to raise the salary. These future industry elites also had a direct dialogue with PRDC experts to reduce the salary by 20%. At the same time, there was no salary increase in the first two years, from 2% a year before the third year. At the same time, it also put forward provisions on contract termination, job flexibility and qualifications

since the acquisition of solar pulp paper at the beginning of the year, nwbc has always insisted that the trade union make concessions in this back and forth quarrel

sun pulp paper is located in the North bleached cork kraft pulp (NBSK) plant of Prince Rupert, BC Province, which has been limited to shutdown since the summer of 2001

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