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Sun paper successfully developed the "non plastic coated food packaging paper"

on July 30, the new product launch of sun paper was held in Yanzhou, the headquarters of the company. At the meeting, a new generation of food packaging paper products - "non plastic coated food packaging paper" shocked the public. As a leading enterprise in the industry, sun paper once again demonstrated its strong technological R & D strength

"non plastic coated food packaging paper" is a joint research and development achievement of Zhejiang pondo Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic paper product packaging enterprise in 16 bags of sun paper. It integrates new technology and new process, with innovative process and advanced technology. The product meets the testing requirements of BFR and FDA for food grade packaging materials, and its raw materials meet the requirements of gb9685 "standards for the use of additives for materials and products in five vertical research laboratories under food grade contact: thermal analysis of film materials, preparation and processing of film materials samples, electromagnetic analysis of film materials, mechanical analysis of film materials, and optical analysis of film materials". It has a complete foundation for commercial application and can be widely used in hot and cold cups Ice cream, paper lunch boxes and other food packaging paper have achieved industrial innovation and vertical extension of the industry

"non plastic coated food packaging paper" press conference introduced that compared with the traditional film coated paper, this product adopts the non plastic coating one-time molding process, which can replace the traditional single drenching and double drenching products. It can be used normally for five years. It realizes the transformation of "non plastic coated food packaging paper" from laboratory to mass production, and realizes the coating of barrier materials in the paper machine by using the traditional scraper coating method. The product can be directly drunk, and the production efficiency is higher, It is more energy-saving and efficient, and can bring customers a safer, more economical and more environmentally friendly comfortable experience

according to the press conference, "plastic free coated food packaging paper" realizes the recycling of leftover materials and food packaging paper produced in the production process, improves the utilization rate of fiber, and solves the problem of reusing the traditional PE plastic particle coated products at present. In the future, with the in-depth research and development of science and technology and the implementation of waste classification and treatment, such products will eventually be fully biodegradable, recyclable and more green

as a leading enterprise in China's paper industry, sun paper has always practiced the development concept of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", committed to developing more environmentally friendly and better quality products through technological innovation, meeting the diverse needs of different customers, and promoting sun paper to move towards "a sustainable and respected global excellent enterprise"

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