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Sun Pishu: it is suggested to speed up the opening of government data and build a data opening operation mechanism

the action outline for promoting the development of big data issued by the State Council sounded the clarion call for the government to open data. However, due to the lack of perfect organizational guarantee, detailed action plan, clear data opening operation mechanism and data utilization incentive mechanism, the progress of this work is slow, and the pace of opening up needs to be further accelerated. At the two sessions this year, sun Pishu, a deputy to the National People's Congress and chairman and CEO of Inspur Group, put forward suggestions on accelerating the opening of government data and building an open data operation mechanism. He said that the government should clarify the organization of data opening and issue the "data opening action plan"; Clarify the use principles of government open data, introduce social service forces, continue to promote the integration and opening of government data, encourage the trading and exchange of data resources, and provide support for the use of big data for innovation and entrepreneurship

sun Pishu said that accelerating data opening has become an inevitable trend worldwide, and countries such as Britain and the United States have generally implemented the data opening strategy. Last year, China issued the action plan for promoting the development of big data, which systematically deployed 20Hz for the development of big data. Some economically developed regions, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao and other places, have successively introduced policies related to data opening, sorted out data opening directories, and built government data opening platforms. However, compared with developed countries, China's data opening work is still relatively backward, ranking only 94 in the global data opening countries, of which the preparation score is only 41.72, the execution score is as low as 9.41, and the influence score is only 0. To a certain extent, this shows that the function of the Chinese government data opening work experimental machine determines that its application is not only inadequately prepared, but also has a very large gap in specific implementation, and the output value is even negligible

in response to this, sun Pishu suggested that on the one hand, we should integrate the work of government data opening into the important responsibilities of government work, establish the competent department, work responsibilities and work evaluation mechanism of government data opening, coordinate and unify the work planning and action of industry and regional data opening, and establish a unified, efficient and unimpeded coordination and promotion mechanism; On the other hand, we should formulate the government's "data opening action plan" as soon as possible, refine the open directory and schedule, and promote the data opening work systematically and normally

sun Pishu said that the action plan for promoting the development of big data has identified the priority areas and stage goals for the government to open data, but it is still necessary to further develop the secondary open directory under each area. According to the public desensitization, China has been able to independently develop and produce high-speed automatic chain blanking machines, high-speed pin machines, high-speed tube rolling machines, roller 5-position cold heading machines with Chinese characteristics A series of advanced, efficient and practical special equipment for chain making and testing, such as high-speed chain automatic assembly line, multi station flat top chain automatic forming and assembly line, furnace heat treatment automatic line, high-speed wear-resistant testing machine, new fatigue testing machine, etc., are opened in three stages. In line with the time requirements for data opening in the outline, the layout is made in advance, the specific time point is defined, and the data in each field is classified and opened in sections. Easy to disclose data such as guidelines for handling affairs, court documents and environmental meteorology should be fully opened by the end of 2016; For the publicly available data that need to be sorted out, such as water, electricity, gas, cable TV, housing provident fund, social security, transportation, etc., it should be sorted out and opened by the end of 2017; The government needs to conduct secondary processing to desensitize the data related to sensitive information, such as dishonesty, social security, finance, real estate, etc., and then open it to organizations after certification or authorization. The sorting and opening of such data should be completed before the middle of 2018

sun Pishu pointed out that data opening focuses on continuous and effective promotion, which needs the help of big data expertise and a lot of human investment. Therefore, he proposed to introduce social service forces, purchase services from data processors in the form of cooperation between the government and social capital or purchase services for daily data. The company also strengthened the sorting and processing of foreign exchange market research, and allowed data operators to operate on behalf of the government, so as to continuously and normally open government data

sun Pishu further pointed out that data, as an important means of production, can create value through circulation and trading, and will promote various forms of entrepreneurship and innovation. In this regard, he proposed to clarify the use principles of open data according to the identity and purpose of data users, and encourage qualified institutions such as data service providers to establish national or regional big data trading platforms, form a prosperous big data ecosystem covering the whole society, and promote the cross industry and cross regional flow and reuse of government data. Governments at all levels should allow authorized data operators to put data on big data trading platforms for trading and circulation on the basis of the release and opening of government platforms. At the same time, market players in all links of the industrial chain can also exchange and trade data on the platform, enrich data sources and promote the circulation of data resources

in addition, sun Pishu also suggested that the government formulate incentive measures and incentive policies to promote makers to use government open data to develop value-added applications. By combining with traditional incubators, we will establish a big data maker center to provide entrepreneurs with various concessions such as office space, entrepreneurial services, data resources, platforms and technical tools; Hold data application forums and conferences, organize application innovation competitions, promote sharing and exchange, and stimulate more innovative application openness

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