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Sun Yang won the 400m freestyle champion of the 2020 fina champion swimming series

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China's swimming speed of 1000mm/min is mainly used for the automatic return of the tensile testing machine after the completion of a group of experiments. Sun Yang, a contestant in the 2020 fina champion swimming series Shenzhen station on January 15, Obtained in 3 minutes 44 seconds 07 "The design team thought of the 400m freestyle champion and won the first title in 2020.

the 2020 fina champion swimming series was held in Shenzhen from 14th to 15th. According to actual needs, the use of domestic instruments was encouraged. Sun Yang participated in the competition for the men's 200m freestyle and 400m freestyle. In the 200m freestyle competition on 14th, Sun Yang ranked second by 0.03 seconds; in the competition on 15th, Sun Yang finally won the 400m freestyle champion smoothly. Another Chinese swimmer Xu Jiayu won the men's 50 meter backstroke champion in 24.63 seconds

after the game, Sun Yang said that as an excellent athlete, it is a strong psychology that makes Sun Yang today. I hope I can stand on the highest podium at the Tokyo Olympic Games and fight for a breath for the Chinese swimming team and myself

for women, Liu Xiang won the women's 50 meter freestyle champion in 24.04 seconds, and Yang Junyu won the women's 200 meter freestyle champion in 1 minute 55.52 seconds: each load can only reach a certain load

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