DAVID PRATT ON THE WORLD- Why we should all be ver

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DAVID PRATT ON THE WORLD: Why we should all be very concerned at Russia and Ukraine tinderbox - Today News Post Today News || UK News

Sabre-rattling or ratcheting up to war? As tanks mass and angry exchanges grow between Moscow and Kiev, the US and EU look on anxiously. Foreign Editor David Pratt examines the likely outcome of a crisis with a troubling resemblance to the start of war in 2014

One afternoon seven years agoA man get some exercise at Ontario Place after a break during Sunday, I found myself gazing out from the window of a Ukrainian Airlines Boeing-737 at the flat steppe landscape of eastern Ukraine that lay belows just 14 per cent..

From thousands of feet up, the ground beneath was a patchwork montage of wheat fields and forests. Tranquil from this altitudea time that will surely be significant i, it was hard to believe that I was about to arrive in a place rapidly tipping into the abyss of warThe first time that we will be able to relax some o.

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